Zach Roloff Says He Might Be a “Dwarf Breeder” After Fathering Three Kids …

Over the years, members of the Roloff family have been open and honest about their disabilities. Small people, big world Supporters.

Each family member is not a small person. And no all of them Among them they have achondroplasia. “Dwarfism” is, at best, an umbrella term.

All three children of Zach and Tori – Jackson, Lilah and Josiah – have achondroplasia. That seems to be as against the odds as Zach’s own twin It is an average height.

Zach is opening up on this topic, and he’s being straight up about whether or not he’s a “dwarf breeder.” His words, not ours.

Well, this is fun! Zach Roloff is resting comfortably at home with his three children.

Jackson Roloff is five years old. Very soon, in May, he will be six years old.

Lilah is three years old. Like Jackson, she’s not the baby of the family. Unlike him, she is now a middle child.

Josiah is the real baby among the siblings. The family will celebrate his first birthday in a few weeks, on April 30.

Zach and Tori Roloff sit down here to give their take on Small People, Big World.

Zach has achondroplasia. His mother, Amy Roloff, has a form of dwarfism. (Matt has dystrophic dysplasia)

Sometimes, two people with the same disability can have very different experiences.

For example, Jackson has problems with his bow leg. As it can get worse over time, this sweet little guy needs medical intervention.

Here, we see 5-year-old Jackson Roloff next to the Easter Bunny as he enjoys an egg hunt in the early spring of 2023. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Overall, a person with achondroplasia has about a 50% chance of passing this genetic trait on to their offspring. (If both parents have achondroplasia, this is true for both, raising the total chances to 75%).

And yet, Jackson, Lila and Josiah all embrace the character. A coin flip has landed the same way three times.

Although any suggestion that disabled people should never have children would be eugenics (that’s bad, folks!), it’s natural to wonder what’s going on with Zach and Tori’s current stair step.

Roloff's children
It’s Jackson! And Leelah! And Josiah! Say hello to all three of Tori and Zach Roloff’s children.

Tori and Zach received intrusive questions about everything from Zach’s sperm to their children.

They repeatedly emphasize that they are letting their children know that achondroplasia is “no big deal.”

In a recent video posted on Facebook, Zach opened up about the opportunity.

In a real post, Zach Roloff discusses the idea that he is a “dwarf breeder.” He says it as a joke. Maybe don’t call it that. (Image credit: Facebook)

“Our doctor has a theory that I might have the gene, basically every one of my kids will be dwarfs,” Zach said.

“I’m a pony breeder,” he joked. “I’m not a bad pony specimen[laughs]so it’s not the end of the world.”

In general, the pony breeder a Dragon Age A fictitious account, a so true A terrible video game title, or a disgusting insult to a real person. Just because Zach said so himself doesn’t mean any of us should pick it up.

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