Yep, that's Alanis singing the 'Yellow Jackets' theme this week.

Image standing silhouetted.

If you are watching this week Yellow jackets And Check credits for cluesYou may notice that the catchy theme song “No Return” sounds a little different this week. Your ears aren’t deceiving you – that’s Alanis Morissette running through those terrible verses.

It’s a glorious find for a show already stacked with ’90s icons like Christina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey and Juliette Lewis.

“It was a bit intimidating to be asked to reinterpret. [the song] But I see similarities between them. Yellow jackets And my attitude when I’m writing a song is: high intensity, going for the vulgar is going for the juggler without any fear,” Morissette explained, describing “No Return” as a “perfect song.”

“No Going Back” and the show’s score were written by Anna Waronker and Craig Wedren – who not only fronted and co-wrote the late ’90s alt band Shudder, but also created the original score and music for Wet hot American summerAmong other movies and shows.

Yellow jackets Season 2 is airing on Showtime, with new episodes airing every Friday. Episodes also air every Sunday on Showtime at 9 pm ET.

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