'Yellowjackets' Season 2, Episode 4: What Does Lottie's Shopping Center View Mean?

Have you ever had that dream where you’re rad and hungry and there’s food and warmth, but you can’t hold it?

That’s where we meet. Lottie (Courtney Eaton) b Yellow jackets Season 2, episode 4, during a powerful vision that sees us Antler Queen He was transported out of the desert and into a shopping mall.

In the fourth part of Show time In the original series, Lottie enters a hunting challenge with Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) after tensions rise due to food shortages at Camp Yellowjackets. Armed only with a small knife, Lottie doesn’t take a gun on her mission like Natalie, because her faithful follower Marie (Alexa Barajas) believes in Lottie’s spiritual connection to the forest.

A girl stood wrapped in the snow, but she was tired.

Yes, sure. You got this, Lottie. Damn them.
Credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

During the hunt, Lottie experiences her more intense, haunting visions. No alignment of her own with the Wilderness, ah, bear, she’s upset that she stumbles upon the group’s “coming” tree stump altar where Lottie’s soldiers come in and sacrifice a bear’s heart. At the end of chapter 1. Cutting her palm with a knife, Lottie bled on the altar – and disappeared. a lot Blood. Like, a bundle. Whether she’s listening from loss of blood or being guided by a supernatural being, Lottie loses consciousness and descends into the vision in question. But what does it all mean?

Let’s break it down together.

What happens in Lot’s vision?

As Lottie wanders through a snowy forest unconscious, pilot Laura Lee (Jane Widdop) explodes in mid-air, killing her in Season 1, Episode 8 (“Flight of the Bumblebee”). On the plane, Lottie finds Laura Lee’s teddy bear, Leonard, lying on the mattress with a cross necklace from Laura Lee, which has fallen on the passenger seat. Opening it, Loti stepped out into a place that resembled the caves that Loti had traveled through. Her baptism vision In season 1 (remember where all the candles are). But instead, Lottie finds herself transported through an elevator to a shopping mall.

A slower, somehow more sinister version Craig Wedren and Anna Warner Yellow jackets Theme Song “No Going Back” Lottie plays as he wanders through the crowd. A pleasant fashion store salesperson asked her if she wanted to try something on. Lottie then heard familiar laughter and found Tysa, Van, Marie, Aquilah, Natalie, Shauna, Misty, and Laura Lee sitting at a table outside a mall restaurant. Instead of arguing in their real life room, chatting happily in this dream food court, they were all lights; They wear shiny accessories and makeup and have brushed hair. Drinking from soda cups and eating from takeaway boxes (Instead of eating their fallen teammates) have returned to their former school, Wiscayoke High School.

Laura Lee offers her food, but Lottie sadly looks too weak to lift the fork to her mouth, while her teammates look at her questioningly. However, the problem is not her strength.

“Don’t you think you should say something first?” Laura Lee asked if the yellow jackets would be viewed with enthusiasm.

“Eh, I didn’t think I should,” replied Lottie, trembling now.

“I think I saw a coat on sale at Abercrombie,” says Vann.

“I don’t think I have a credit card,” stammers Lottie.

The girls look at each other in disbelief and all laugh at her.

“When did that stop you?” Natalie says

“I think we should get you out of here,” Laura Lee says as Lottie begins to shiver from the cold. “Lottie, if you don’t warm up, you’re going to die,” Laura Lee then pushed Lottie back in her chair, and she regained consciousness.

Gist: Lottie’s cold and hunger. But what about the rest?

Lottie by A a lot Pressure as a spiritual leader

It is a head that wears a heavy ant crown. Lottie may have been drawn closer to the ritual when she presented herself in the headwork, “Arrival,” in Season 1, episode nine. A little hard (Don’t forget, Travis). But going from teenage soccer star to spiritual leader isn’t an overnight process, especially when your newfound followers start asking for miracles—including the weaponless hunting mission Lottie currently finds herself on.

Without proper gear or tracking experience, finding nothing (not promising), Lottie discovers one of the strange signs carved into a tree. Red gives a hot “Likewise” and holds her hand to the sign, trying to connect with the desert.

When it doesn’t work, she says, “Rescue me.”

A toddler girl wrapped in snow holds her hand to a tree.

The batteries must not be charged.
Credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

Lottie’s path to the Antler Queen isn’t exactly given. Yellow jackets. First Chapter 1 Lottie isn’t even spiritual. Rituals and rites are not uncommon in Lottie’s life.Before her increasingly famous visions begin to describe her experiences in the wilderness – she refuses to even hold hands with her companions who died in the plane crash. (Remember, her parents’ emergency call to a psychiatrist as a child saved them from a car accident when she ran out of prescription drugs, putting to rest the question of where her visions came from.)

In the shopping mall scene, we suddenly see the intense pressure on her as she is expected by some of the team to provide magical solutions to their supply problems. Lottie’s weakness in taking on the role of spiritual leader is evident in this scene. She looked tired thinking she said grace before eating.

In her vision, it is clear that Lottie does not claim spiritual superiority; Instead, she longs for teenage normalcy, the carefree adolescence she momentarily returns to. She is no Antler Queen, High Priestess of the Wilderness and all the ritual that goes with it. She is browsing fashion and having fun with her friends in the food court. However, Lottie feels exposed and ridiculed in this scene, which may reflect her subconscious fear of her role as a spiritual minister.

Lottie’s vision reveals deep insecurities (and a throwback to Season 1)

What’s the weirdest thing Natalie says after Lottie panics that she can’t pay for the Abercrombie coat Van mentioned? “When did that stop you?” Natalie teases her. Not only is this moment reminiscent of the dream we’ve all had, it’s a throwback to Season 1 where we can’t seem to get what we want (in this case, Lottie wants warmth).

Natalie’s commentary depicts the Yellowjackets’ first night in the woods after the plane crash as the group gathers around the campfire to reveal their deepest secrets. Some are more silly than others, but Lottie’s secret is that she stole a dress from a TJ Maxx store, then returned it for store credit, meaning she’s pocketed “thousands of dollars in TJ Bucks.” Maybe Lottie now feels guilty about this? This is not the only thing she feels guilty about…

Laura Lee’s presence dominates Lottie’s vision

In her mall appearance, Lottie seems to have taken on Laura Lee as her inner voice of reason, which we know has ramifications in the future. But that vision will not be very beautiful and thoughtful; That’s what he said. Laura Lee Lottie is a rotting corpse that screams terror.

The barn scene may be a reference to Lottie’s deep guilt over Laura Lee’s death, which is supported by Lottie’s “I don’t want to leave you” in the mall vision. This vision seems to begin when Lottie imagines getting on Laura Lee’s plane, and while Laura Lee is the main Yellowjacket speaking during this vision, Lottie clearly hasn’t come to terms with her friend’s death – her sad ending. as well He already saw.

Two teenagers, one sitting, one standing, talk in the kitchen.

Lottie and Laura Lee bond over conversations about faith.
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Lottie’s visions surfaced in the present.

Lottie’s haunting visions, like the mall sequence, seem to follow her out of the desert and into the present. Although adult Lottie (Simon Kessel) tells her psychiatrist she “hasn’t had a vision in decades,” she sees a series of disturbing images in a short period of time. Bleeding hives And the Queen of Hearts cards have their eyes scratched, all beautiful tragedies. Specifically, Lottie disputes the visions in her session, arguing that her visions are trying to tell her nothing: “Because they’re not real.”

As mentioned, Lottie later took a giant ceremonial sword with her. Ritual A combination of health As she had done in the wilderness, she climbed a nondescript tree trunk off the main road where she had cut her hand.

“Could this be enough, please?” Lottie pleads loudly. Lottie brought the tree altar with her from the forest and the darkness? Is she… still being sacrificed somehow?

“Something different happened last time,” said Lottie, clearly horrified. “It can’t happen again.”

A woman stares nervously at a pile of notes in her office at night.

Queen of hearts, eh?
Credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

It looks like the mall vision will not be the last of Lottie’s vision. But what exactly do they turn into?

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