Will Paul George be ready for the Clippers' first round playoff series?

Still dealing with a sprained right knee, Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George’s status in the first round of the playoffs is questionable.

of Los Angeles Clippers They entered the 2022-23 NBA season as championship hopefuls, but now things are looking very questionable for them due to a series of injuries.

Not only was Kawhi Leonard limited to 52 games by injury, but Paul George played in just 56 games. Now, George is dealing with a new injury as he suffered a nasty right knee sprain on March 21.

Missing the team’s final nine games of the regular season, George’s position against the Clippers’ first-round series Phoenix Sun It’s very doubtful right now, but some improvements have been made recently so when it could be back on the floor.

According to The Athletic Shams CharaniaGeorge isn’t expected to be ready for this series in Phoenix, but the Los Angeles star has made progress since the injury.

The Clippers themselves haven’t given any updates on when Paul George might be back, but they did recently provide information on where George himself will be. Podcast P Show..

“I felt better. I was literally grinding every day and working my ass off,” George said on the show. “I train six days a week, I do recovery. I give it every chance I get, man. It’s going down to the wire.”

He may not be available for Game 1 or Game 2 of this series on the road, but when the Clippers return home to host the Suns for Game 3 and Game 4, Paul George will likely be ready to contribute in some capacity.

It has been three weeks since George’s knee injury last Tuesday, and his return to action at this time depends on his pain tolerance and knee strength.

That’s why the next few days will be crucial for Paul George and his potential comeback in this first-round series against the Suns.

In this one with Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton and Chris Paul on the opposite side of the Clippers, Kawhi Leonard will need his former stars if Los Angeles has any chance of advancing in the postseason. .

Game 1 of the series begins on Sunday, followed by Game 2 in Phoenix on Tuesday, April 18. The Clippers will not return to Los Angeles for Game 3, a game in which George is likely to return. Thursday, April 20.

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