Will Chris Foster ever get back to Jeymi Noguera in Colombia?

Kris Foster and Jamie Noguera decided their future at last weekend’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

Unfortunately, the newlyweds had to part ways. For many reasons, Chris goes home.

The hope was that it would only take two weeks. Unfortunately, the previews make it look like it will last much longer.

There was clearly trouble between the wives as well. Will Chris hardly ever Really back to Colombia?

On Sunday’s April 9 episode, Chris Foster and Jamie Noguera walked viewers through their new lives.

Chris said her bank account was suspended. Understandably, when one’s money suddenly starts paying for a bunch of little things in another country, it feels like identity theft. In this case, it was only an international movement.

Meanwhile, this increase in financial speed has prompted the two to think about their future. They have options, so they don’t have to just apply for random jobs if they don’t want to. And they don’t.

Their idea is a food truck. A fusion of American and Venezuelan cuisine for Colombian customers.

Naturally, a major component of that cost is the truck itself.

A basic truck costs about 10,000 dollars, learn. And that truck is basically just a portable kitchen.

Not all food trucks are the same.

They found a zombie apocalypse motif food truck… which was once an ordinary school bus.

Instead of a mobile kitchen, this crafty vehicle also includes a booth for indoor seating. Actually, a restaurant on wheels. Or, at least, a little dinner.

That one costs twice as much at $20,000. And that’s before the cost of renovations, buying and installing new kitchen appliances, and more.

Naturally, Chris and Jamie had a lot to discuss.

There were only financial decisions. Other parts were more basic, like knowing their exact menu. And there are things like caterers and more.

Unfortunately, a fun (but potentially dangerous – the restaurant business is not a “safe bet”) job like this wasn’t the only thing on their minds.

Chris had to work things out with her bank in person. (If your bank thinks someone is using your money, a “no, everything’s fine, I swear” text probably won’t be enough – what if they’re hostages?)

She also needs a refill of her narcolepsy medication. And there were other things, like fixing up her property, that Chris had to take care of.

So Chris returned home to rural Alabama.

She didn’t want to, but hoped to have everything in order in two weeks.

Chris and Jamie had a tearful goodbye, and looked forward to meeting again.

However, the preview for Season 4, Episode 11 seems to suggest that Chris and Jamie will be spending more time together than that.

A tearful video shows Jamie telling Chris he “didn’t return” her calls. She said it was the first time he had ‘seen her’ in a month.

While Kris says she’s busy working to support them both, it’s clear there’s more at play than just an extended breakup. There are some real hurt feelings. Jamie feels left out, and Chris can feel suffocated.

Naturally, some viewers thought this was the end for the two. Will Chris return to Columbia?

Well… yes. There are strong hints on social media that Kris will return to Columbia but will split her time between Columbia and Alabama. (Recently found her father’s motorcycle… more than a year after it was stolen)

And the preview trailer from earlier this season showed scenes of Chris and Jamie that we haven’t seen yet. Of course that is definitely coming. So yes, it’s safe to say that Chris will return to Columbia. Whether things are “good” when she does… that’s up in the air.

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