An NFL insider predicts an extremely anti-climactic resolution to the Lamar Jackson drama

All eyes around the NFL were on the Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson.

A few months ago, Baltimore Ravens fans probably didn’t think it would get to this point. Lamar Jackson is a Raven, and the Ravens love him… right?

Somewhere along the way, communication broke down between Jackson and the front office. Head coach John Harbaugh He never strayed from his love and support for the quarterback. But giving Jackson a fully guaranteed contract is a front office that won’t trade.

So, Jackson made his trade request public a few days ago; Business question That was about a month ago, but it stayed under shelter for a while.

As all 32 teams prepare for the 2023 NFL Draft and rank each of the prospects in that pool, the elephant in the room remains: Where does Lamar Jackson play? Football in 2023?

The latest trade situation sees the Baltimore Ravens move Lamar Jackson in a deal that is awkward.

For obvious reasons, it is in the best interest of the Ravens to try and trade Jackson before the draft. Baltimore needs a compensatory draft for this year. At least, that would be their best case scenario.

Bleacher Report Christopher Knox He has completed his latest business venture Acknowledging what a wild situation it would be between the Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts, abandoning the idea that a trade could happen After the draft:

“Between now and April 27th, Ballard will likely decide that Jackson is a better option than any quarterback going down with the fourth overall pick.” If the Colts aren’t willing to part with the fourth overall pick and/or don’t find a quarterback they like at No. 4, they may be more interested in making a move later in the draft.

“The Ravens are threatening to match Indianapolis’ offer sheet, but could trade Jackson for additional compensation and hold on to more than two first-round picks. If Indy starts to improve significantly—so the 2024 and 2025 first-round picks are lower picks—Baltimore could want a little more in the deal.

So what does trade-off look like in this context? Let’s try and take a stab at it.

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2024 1st round selection

2025 1st round selection

2024 2nd round election

2025 3rd round selection

Get colts

QB Lamar Jackson

In Knox’s first class, he notes that the Colts may take the best player in numbers. 4 overall, which could be the likes of Georgia’s Jalen Carter, Illinois’ Devon Witherspoon, and others.

If the Colts land one of the best players in this year’s draft class, and somehow manage to land Jackson, they will immediately be a much-improved team.

That means Indianapolis could find itself far from the top 10 in future drafts, giving Baltimore less incentive to deal with the Colts. However, you can do it in the first, second and third pairs.

Now, as for the commercial level? It’s hard. The Ravens may not be any better this year, which is enough to trade up and get one of this year’s best quarterbacks. But, 2023 could be a rough season for Baltimore. Assuming they find themselves in the top 10 of next year’s draft and have all the extra capital, this trade is “good” to put it kindly.

The Ravens never wanted to be in this situation to begin with, but Jackson’s injury history forced the front office to make a move that they felt was right for the organization. With that in mind, this business gets the right sign.

Level: C

The final outcome will depend solely on how the Ravens use that draft capital going forward. So, for now, it’s “we’ll see,” not “it’s dark.”

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