Why I finally switched from Sling to YouTube TV

It feels good to make big life changes.

Okay, well, it’s a “big” buyer in this case, depending on how serious you are about streaming cable options. But for me, choosing a male presenter who needs live television in his life is a big deal. I recently made the switch from Sling(Opens in a new tab) to the YouTube TV(Opens in a new tab)a move that costs me $20 more per month for a service that works almost identically to what I’m already using.

Why do I do this? Well, dear reader, sometimes you get fed up and want something else. And in this case, “something different” is better service in every way imaginable.

Better app

All my streams in a Chromecast with Google TV. It’s not the newest or most popular streaming dongle, but it always gets the job done with solid performance and a functional user interface. And in the two years I’ve used the sling for live television editing, the device and the sling-up have not played well together.

Simply put, Sling’s interface is too slow for me. Moving around the guide and changing channels is a slow and tedious process. I was paying $51/month for something (Sling Blue and sports add-on bundle, curious), which didn’t feel as premium as it should.

I am happy to report that YouTube TV is $73 per month right away to improve. Its channel guide is fast and fluid, and there are no streaming buffers at all. The streaming quality on certain channels is better (NBA TV and NFL Network, in particular) and it’s generally a breeze to navigate. This alone isn’t worth the $20 damage, but it doesn’t hurt.

Too many channels

Any type of cable replacement requires a strong channel line. Between Sling and YouTube TV, there’s no competition.

without any additives, YouTube TV(Opens in a new tab) It offers more than 100 channels. That includes all four major networks (Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC), ESPN’s family of networks, TBS and TNT, AMC and more. Different add-ons at different prices can also get you other things like NFL RedZone.

Sling(Opens in a new tab)On the other hand, it is divided into orange or blue plans, each with a different channel line. If you combine the two (which costs $60 a month), you get a total of… 48 channels. That doesn’t include CBS, which is a huge mistake. Is that still more affordable than YouTube TV? for sure! But for an extra $13, you can more than double the number of channels you have.

Missing channels can represent hidden fees and added convenience. When I used Sling, I had to sign up for Paramount+ to get a live feed from my local CBS affiliate. I have never used it for anything else. I also had to use a separate ESPN app for anything that aired on that network because Sling Blue didn’t carry it. With YouTube TV, everything is in one place. It’s just better that way.

Oh, and YouTube TV gives you unlimited DVR. Sling only offers 50 hours per account.

There is no off season.

In this age of on-demand streaming, you might wonder why I care so much about live TV. Well, folks, there are sports.

A football game doesn’t have the same juice if you DVR it and watch it later. Do most people do this anyway? Of course, because sports fans are weird and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, YouTube TV is a better service for sports fans than Sling for all the reasons listed above. Having all four major networks is great because each of them airs major sporting events. I was able to watch every March Madness game on YouTube TV, which I couldn’t do on Sling due to the lack of CBS. I can watch the Super Bowl on YouTube TV wherever I am.

And when the NFL regular season rolls around, YouTube TV will be the only home. Sunday ticket(Opens in a new tab)A service that allows you to stream any out-of-market NFL games. The only downside here compared to Sling is the lack of MLBTV, but hey, I can live with a little less baseball in my life.

To be fair, Sling is a great service. It’s more affordable and has gotten me through the worst parts of the Covid-19 pandemic. I used it daily for many years and more than got my money’s worth. But sometimes you just need one thing better thanand that’s what YouTube TV gave me.

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