What the Odell Beckham Jr. deal means for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

The Baltimore Ravens have agreed to terms with wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on a one-year contract. But what does this mean for Lamar Jackson?

Odell Beckham Jr.’s recruiting tour has officially come to an end. On Sunday, a day before Beckham was scheduled to meet with the New York Jets, he announced that he Signing with the Baltimore Ravens. According to multiple reports, Beckham is signing a one-year deal with the Ravens that is set to make up to $18 million, with $15 million guaranteed.

While adding a player of Beckham’s caliber is a win on paper, the question that remains is Lamar Jackson throwing the football in 2023?

The crows And Jackson ran into contract trouble, which hit the team with a non-exclusive franchise tag. At the league’s annual meetings, Jackson tweeted March 2 asked for a trade from the team.

So what can we make of Beckham’s signing with the Ravens?

What does Odell Beckham Jr.’s signing mean for Ravens’ Lamar Jackson?

If anything, this shows that the Ravens are trying to entice Jackson to play for the team next season, at least on the franchise tag. After all, Beckham would easily be the best pass-rushing option Jackson has targeted in his career, not Mark Andrews.

CBS Sports Institute’s Josina Anderson tweeted that Ravens owner Steve Bischotti spoke with Beckham repeatedly and “brought up the idea of ​​coming to Baltimore, the support he has with the team and the need to help get things right.” So does Lamar Jackson.

That’s interesting, especially in Jackson’s section on “the importance of helping to move things along.”

As part of the non-exclusive franchise tag, Jackson is set to receive $32.4 million through the 2023 season, but the offer sheet can be negotiated with other teams. The problem is that quarterback-needy teams all but fall out of the running as soon as the tag is placed on Jackson.

Despite reports that Jackson is looking for a fully guaranteed deal with the Ravens, like the one the Cleveland Browns offered Deshaun Watson. ESPN’s Dan Graziano stated in a recent article after the league meetings that he doesn’t believe that’s the case. Jackson wants a guarantee worth more than the $230 million Watson received last year.

Last week, the Ravens would not answer questions about Jackson at a press conference. Now they have made a move to sign Beckham. Now, the NFL will wait to see if this signing is enough to convince Jackson to play for the team in 2023.

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