Wendy Williams’ Reality Show is Exploiting Her and Damaging Her Recovery, Brother …

Even After Wendy Williams major health crisis (Seems one after the other) She’s still working.

Wendy’s hope is that her podcast and other projects will be more successful and personally profitable than any previous venture.

But is all this work necessary now? For her mental and physical health?

Absolutely, her brother argues. he is He got angry … and she worries that someone is exploiting Wendy, no matter what the cost to her safety.

Wendy Williams does not host a talk show. She has much bigger things to focus on these days.

(b) Popular talk show host Wendy Williams recently reunited with her father and brother in Miami.

She was filming for her reality show. Apart from the camera crew, some bigwigs behind the upcoming series were there. Reports suggest that the show will begin later this year.

But Wendy’s brother, Tommy Williams, worries that this is all too much Bad For his sister. Not only her health but her public image.

Tommy Williams has hit out at his famous sister’s current work schedule in an emotional interview. He worries that it will harm her health, that she will appear inconsistent (at best) to the audience, but he won’t stop as long as the project remains profitable. (Image via US Sun)

to speak to the American SunTommy Williams expressed frustration with Wendy’s current and busy schedule.

“She’s not a woman in the right frame of mind to get this show going,” he says bluntly.

“Why are you here?” Tommy asked if she would ask her film crew. “Did you see her condition?”

Wendy Williams has given herself the awkward and, to some, terrifying teaser for her podcast titled “The Queen.”

“Looks like she’s ready to start a podcast for goodness sake? No,” complained Tommy.

“And we all testify to this,” he warned grimly.

“This guy Will is going around teasing Wendy- ‘Travel here, travel there, let’s go make this money, and I don’t care because everybody knows who you are,'” Tommy said. Wendy’s manager Will Selby is referring to.

Wendy Williams in her chair
Wendy Williams has had a strong run as the host of her own talk show. Alas, it ended in February 2022.

“And the shock value would be where she was and where she is now?” Tommy asked, predicting his sister’s future appearance.

“Is this going to be a scene? Is that it?” he asked, worried that his sister would be a spectator.

“Is this what my father is looking forward to seeing?” Tommy cried. “To smack our face in the f-king’s dung?”

Wendy Williams Dumped Lamar Odom on New Reality Show: No One Minds!
Whether filming at home or in the studio, Wendy Williams never hesitates to speak her mind.

According to Tommy, the film crew following Wendy has an enormous amount of footage – in production.

“They do whatever they do there. It will be sad,” he predicted.

“I can’t blame Wendy for anything!” Tommy clarified. “I want her to be better! She’s not better. So I can’t be mad at her for anything.”

Wendy Williams on set
Wendy Williams is on a talk show in this photo of the polarizing TV personality.

“So it comes out and what happens if Wendy is doing a lot, much better, right?” Tommy ponders how this recording will haunt her one day.

“Who wants memories like this? Who wants this?” he asked. “Why can’t she improve? And then do something about it.”

Tommy continued: “All this time people were kicking her around. She can’t think about s–t because she can’t really think other people are thinking things for her.”

Wendy Williams on stage
NEW YORK, NY – MAY 19: Wendy Williams speaks onstage at Vulture Festival presented by AT&T: Ask WENDY WILLIAMS at Milk Studios on May 19, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Vulture Festival)

“And all this time she could be here recuperating,” Tommy said sadly. Instead, he stated that she was in “poor health.”

He called the whole thing “tragic.”

Tommy and Wendy have fought in the past. Maybe you don’t agree with his point of view now. But that’s the feeling.

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