WATCH: Young MA celebrates 31st birthday with boat party: 'Blessed just to be blessed'

Young MA She looks like she’s eating oysters, chilling on a cruise, and surrounded by loved ones for her 31st birthday. On Monday, the New York rapper shared a sneak peek of her celebration–a few weeks after fans They expressed their concern. About her health.

“You are just blessed. 31 years on this earth. Thank you and thank you again! Happy birthday to Queen,” Young MA wrote in her first birthday post.

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A video posted by the young MA hairdresser last month was collected Mixed responses Online – Concerned but also for criticism of the hairdresser’s posted content. The content showed MA with visible hair loss and yellow eyes and skin.

Fats Da Barber was the first to break his silence, saying that MA had told him not to record if he had a problem with her.

He added, “You all don’t know our relationship or our friendship. All you have to do is send her a prayer, and that’s it.” However, he did not explain why worried fans should pray.

Not long ago, Young MA shared a message similar to the one she echoed on her 31st birthday. She responded to Fat Da Barber’s post, writing, “Blessed that this didn’t happen to you.” She then issued a statement.

“As many of my fans know, I have been dealing with various personal health issues. [over] The past few years,” she wrote. “I was recently hospitalized and successfully treated for many diseases.” MA added: “I’m doing better now, it will take time but I’m on the road to recovery and I’m looking forward to the future. I’m in a good mood, and everything is explained in music! Also a documentary.

Young MA shared glimpses of sailing on his 31st birthday.

Videos posted on Young MA’s Instagram feed show her rapping with her music on a night out. And according to her Insta-Story, the shaking started in daylight. She shared glimpses of the back of the boat, her plate, and what appears to be a pina colada–although we can’t confirm if she’s a virgin!

In another post, MA shared a video of a woman wearing a bikini top, oversized sunglasses and dark hair. “If she’s not bad, she’s not around me,” the caption reads. But it is not clear what the woman’s relationship with the rapper is.

On Tuesday, she also shared her recap. Birthday adventures-including her designer luggage, apartment stays, Rolls Royce cruises, seven snow chains and relationships with her people.

“That’s what I’m thankful for for anything and everything,” she wrote in the caption.

Fats Da Barber In addition, young MA let us know that he loves her in the birthday post, highlighting photos and a video of them.

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