Three NYC men charged with kidnapping, torturing and holding teenagers in Queens basement

The rapper’s mother is speaking out about the circumstances surrounding BTB Savage’s shooting death in Houston.

BTB Savage’s Mom Asks BTB Savage To Brush Up On His Insults: ‘Don’t Answer’

as a Shadow room It was previously reported that the 26-year-old rapper was killed in a drive-by shooting on Thursday. The incident happened in Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood after the family of a man who was killed while trying to rob a rapper.

Notably, BTB shared a crime scene photo of Savage standing in a pool of dried blood next to a gunshot door. He also made some serious comments about his suffering during the interview a few days ago Vlad TV.

Now BTB Savage’s mother – Bernita Ward – is speaking out about the circumstances surrounding her son’s murder.

When sitting with ABC13, “I’m not one of those parents who try to hide their kids’ lifestyles,” Ward began.

She then referred to her son’s post and said that she begged him to “take it off the social network” so that the family could “grieve in peace”.

However, she also stated that her son is responding to the insults of the deceased’s friends. Additionally, she points out that the man was eventually killed while trying to rob BTB Savage.

“I told him to take him off social media. ‘This family is safe,’ I said. But they kept going. [to taunt] my son. Telling them that they will kill the family, that my son will make his mother cry like he made his mother cry. I told my son, ‘Don’t answer.’ But a member of their family came to steal my son.”

Ward admitted that sadly, two mothers are now grieving and the victims’ children are “growing up without fathers”.

“So the moral of the story to me is that two mothers lost two amazing sons. And for their children to grow up without a father, that’s very sad.”

Local and federal authorities are investigating the incident.

Regarding the case of BTB Savage, we must add that the Houston Police Department cooperated with “federal partners” as described by Chief Troy Finer.

“Several individuals are working on this,” Finner said, although the perpetrator has yet to be arrested.

There are no further updates on the situation at this time. We continue to send our condolences to Bernita Ward and Rapper’s other beloved relatives.

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