Vince Staples and the Alchemist complete joint project online

A few years ago, The Alchemist revealed that he had recorded a full length EP with Vince Staples.

That whole project seems to have landed on the line. “Vince is brutal. I finished [a] 6 song EP with JUST HIM over 3 months!! Mixed! Crazy songs with him and Tebe,” he tweeted at the time. But after that we did not receive any update on the project.

In a preview interview with Apple Music, Vince Staples told Ebro that Alchemist talked to him about doing a project. “Alchemist hit me, ‘I want this project. Me, you and Earl just need three weeks,” Vince said. “I’m like, ‘OK, I’ll do it.’ So we go over there, and they get high. So I’m the only one yelling and I’m not smoking, so it didn’t really blend in. I was getting a headache. So the next thing I know I’ve got 30 numbers on 30 hits… I thought we were teaming up.” . Whatever, boom. I got 10 songs like, ‘Okay man, we got these songs out.’ The Alchemist moves at a very mysterious speed, you know, hella slow.

The project, which was released online on Tuesday, has 6 original unheard songs, while the 7th appears to be unfinished. Of course we won’t link to it here, but we wonder if this will be officially released anytime soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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