Veterans hosting the perfect McJones tool on top of a talented team

If the Patriots need a wide receiver, they can find one on the other coast in 2023 top prospect Jordan Addison.

As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, The New England Patriots He could inch in on a first-round wide receiver pick. Such a choice is almost unheard of in the Bill Belichick era, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

So far this offseason, the Pats have reportedly taken two of the top prospects on the board in Ohio State’s Jackson Smith-Njigba and TCU’s Quentin Johnston.

Another star-studded talent has now joined the pool: USC’s Jordan Addison.

Last Thursday at Show Rich EasonAddison said he plans to meet with New England sometime this week. Addison didn’t say much about the upcoming meeting other than the start of his NFL team’s journey ahead of the draft.

It will be Addison’s first time seeing Bill Belichick in person. If a good impression is left and the two hit it off, Addison could turn into a favorite target for McJones in 2023.

The Patriots will host USC wideout Jordan Addison for a visit.

Addison’s most suitable landing spot this season might be instead. Pittsburgh Steelers He shared a bit of chemistry with quarterback Kenny Pickett from his college days.

It’s unlikely the Steelers will use their first-round pick extensively, but the Patriots have more than enough reason to develop a weapon for Jones early.

Currently, New England’s receiving corps consists of Devante Parker, Kendrick Bourne and JuJu Smith-Schuster along with tight ends Hunter Henry and Mike Gesicki. Their tight end rotation could develop into a sneaky offensive threat given the big-bodied passing attributes of Henry and Gesicki, but their wideout could use a tough, towering piece like Addison.

Smith-Schuster offers a key free agent signing that boasts excellent YAC skills, and Addison could fit the team as Smith-Schuster’s foil in some ways — the USC product showed his big-play ability in one season in Pittsburgh before moving on. With the Trojans, he led a competitive wideout corps with 875 receiving yards and eight touchdowns.

After the NFL combine, Addison’s stock has fallen somewhat due to his average numbers, and there’s a good chance he’ll be available when the Pats pick him at No. 14.

During this time off, Ohio State’s Jackson Smith-Njigba The most famous Patriots running back may have gained public favor by choosing to resemble the legendary Julian Edelman, but don’t sleep on Addison.

New England isn’t exactly a hot landing spot for a rookie wide receiver right now, and it’s anyone’s best guess which young talent can thrive with a feisty Mac Jones and under Belichick’s steady hand. It’s going to be a messy trifecta, that’s for sure.

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