Tyrus and Paul Walker unknowingly sleep with the same 'Fast and Furious' idiot woman.

Tyre And Paul Walker In 2003, she unknowingly slept with the same stuntwoman while working. 2 fast 2. angry.

The actor-singer revealed the details in a recent interview. Morning Hustle. He explained that they were both romantically involved with Eva Mendes’ stunt double Cindy Leone.

Tyrese and Paul Walker unknowingly both slept with Eva Mendes’ stunt double.

“She’s a beautiful girl, and Paul and I were hitting on her in set 2,” Tyrese said. Fast 2 Furious And I didn’t even know this… This was Eva Mendez’s magic double, and we were both praising this girl every day and for whatever reason we never said we were both crushing on the same girl.

He added, “Then we talked.” He said, ‘Yes?’ It was. And I was like, ‘yeah…’ and then her good ass recently did an interview to let the world know, but it’s only going to get worse for her.”

The host asked Tyrese who stopped sleeping with Leon, and the actor said, “I don’t think we did.”

The stuntwoman in question was She testified in 2015 that she cried after learning of Walker’s death

Cindy Leone herself She confirmed the experiments in a 2015 interview. In touch weekly, Before you go into a few racist details about the size of both men’s “masculinity”.

“In the bedroom, Tyrese was sexy and sassy, ​​while Paul was sweet and loving,” she says of Tyrese with a big “masculinity.” Although Paul said, “It was good, it wasn’t small, I’m not complaining.”

Walker in 2011. In 2013, a Porsche crashed at 100 miles per hour and died, then the vehicle burst into flames. He was said to have died on the spot suffering from burns on his body.

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“You fall in love with these people you work with,” Leon said, crying when she learned of Paul’s death.

“I definitely cried, I was upset,” Lyons said in an interview. In touch weekly. “You bond with these people you work with.”


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Tyrese’s on-again, off-again girlfriend initially admits he likes Paul Walker more than him

last month, Shadow room On-again, off-again Tyros’ girlfriend Zeli Timothy reported that “she was more of a Paul Walker type,” stating that she was more interested in Paul at first, and that Tyros “wasn’t my type at all.”

“My type was actually Paul Walker. Rest in peace,” Timothy said about the late actor on Instagram Live. But [Tyrese] Never been my type. And my type is not ‘white’. I’m just saying I was more interested in Paul.

Tyrese responded by putting some distance between them before saying, “Don’t touch me.”

Adding insult to injury, Zeli said, “When[she]met Tyrese,[she]was like, ‘Ugh, he’s too old.’

“Even when I’m dating [Tyrese]I was like, ‘Oh, he’s an old man,'” she continued. “I just love his smile. that’s great. His personality … his personality was fine.”

“It was very bad very quickly. I’m live,” she replied.

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