Twitter Blue now allows tweets up to 10,000 characters long

Twitter Blue subscribers are now able to post up to 10,000 characters in a single tweet, as well as bold or italicize their tweets. It looks like Twitter is trying to bulk up its subscription service so people can actually sign up.

“Starting today, Twitter now supports up to 10,000 characters in length in bold and italic text format.” The official Twitter wrote(Opens in a new tab) on Thursday. “To get these new features, sign up for Twitter Blue and apply to enable subscriptions on your account to earn money directly on Twitter.”

The general sentiment among Twitter users: “I’m not reading all that.”(Opens in a new tab)

Twitter previously limited its subscribers to a character limit of 280 to 4000 in February, at which time the platform was broken for several hours. Fortunately, Twitter has introduced a “Show More” feature on users’ feeds, which hides most tweets behind links. This means you can scroll through an entire manifesto faster than giving yourself an RSI.

Tweets of 10,000 characters also use the “Show More” feature. However, as with Twitter’s previous character expansion, the implementation of formatting and 10,000-character tweets It looks like a bug(Opens in a new tab). Technology blogger Jane Manchun Wong(Opens in a new tab) They found many bugs while testing the new features, often repeating incorrectly when they appeared in the browser as a “show more” link. Bold and italic letters appear out of shape in the iOS mobile app, however Characters are duplicated in browsers(Opens in a new tab).

Mashable has not reached out to Twitter for comment Twitter’s press email automatically responds to all questions with a pop emoji.

Twitter Blue’s new features are no doubt aimed at making the paid subscription service look more attractive. CEO Elon Musk’s grand plan to monetize Twitter doesn’t seem to be working right now. Only about three percent of old verified accounts Opting in to Twitter Blue.

The new 10,000-character posts and formatting options put Twitter in close competition with newsletter platform Substack. After the latter was revealed, the two companies are currently at loggerheads collection notes At the beginning of this month. Like Twitter, this new feature allows Substack users to post short messages and share links, which other users can respond to or like.

Apparently, Twitter did not like the competition, and Very limited links to Substack On his platform. Twitter users may not like, retweet, comment or embed tweets that link to Substack. Twitter searches for the term “sub-stack”. Instead, results for the “Gazette” appear temporarily.

Twitter’s new 10,000-character tweets go against the microblogging culture it’s built so far. Many Twitter users simply scroll through their feed because they don’t have the time or interest to read an entire essay. But at least the new formatting features make it easier. Tell Twitter Blue Subscribers if you have verified accounts.

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