Trump's arrest prompted Jesus to compare it to 'spiritual warfare'

WASHINGTON (AP) — For the most ardent Trump conspiracy theorists, there are no coincidences and timing is everything.

So when the former president was Donald Trump The case was filed on Tuesday In the year Some of his staunchest followers have announced that his court appearance is during the holiest week in Christianity. Holy weekAs many Christians celebrate Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

“Looks like there’s another person who suffered and was crucified this week,” read one post on the Gab forum Popular among Trump supporters. A similar post on Telegram put Trump’s case in apocalyptic terms: “Good versus evil.” Bible times. “Divine Time.”

The Republican ex-president and his criminal charges have been among the dominant online narratives circulating in the past few days comparing Trump to Christ, according to an analysis of online and social media content by media intelligence firm Signal Labs on behalf of The Associated Press.

A Zygnal analysis found tens of thousands of quotes calling Trump a martyr. The number more than doubled after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who linked Trump’s persecution during an interview with Trump.

Trump He pleaded not guilty. In the year Up to 34 felony charges Tuesday for allegedly concealing payments he made to two women during the 2016 presidential election. Adult-film actress and former Playboy model – to a Trump Tower doorman who says he had sex with him and who says he has a story about the child Trump fathered out of wedlock.

Green, who traveled to New York City to challenge Trump’s impeachment, described the timing of the impeachment in a broadcast interview before making the Christ comparison.

“Jesus was arrested and executed by the Roman government,” she said. “Throughout history, there have been many people imprisoned and persecuted by extremist corrupt governments; This started today in New York City.

The comparison was condemned by Episcopal Bishop Reginald T.

“Marjorie Taylor Green put her political allegiance before God, but Christians don’t,” Jackson said.

Trump Personal, Political And Professional History makes a particular choice to stand for Christ, the savior and central figure of Christianity. It’s just coming out. Christian nationalismHe combines traditional Christian themes and images with conservative candidates like Trump, said John Fea, a historian at Messiah University in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, who has examined the role of evangelical Christianity in American history.

“They see this as a spiritual war, and Trump is on the side of the angels,” Fey said. “In this view, Trump is a political savior, he is going to restore America, and in November he will rise from the ashes, even if he is persecuted and tortured.”

Trump has encouraged such a belief by claiming to be me. Specially qualified Calling his campaign to take back the White House in 2024 to lead the country a “Last Battle” against his enemies and by Praise QAnona movement that sees him as a crusader against what he claims is a secret, child sacrifice that controls world events.

However, he once again embraced the role of martyr on Tuesday, when the campaign created a fake mug shot and included it in a fundraising email. No shots were fired at the former president. that day.

From a Christian nationalist perspective, Trump’s return to New York could be seen as an echo of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, Fea said, except Christ rode a donkey and Trump arrived in a motorcade.

Behind the religious overtones, online reactions from Trump supporters to Tuesday’s indictment were divided by competing conspiracy theories and Trump’s complicated role in the movement he built.

Many far-right commentators protested the accusations, while others said Trump did not deserve any sympathy. Forgive the accused On January 6, 2021, he was accused of rioting at the US Capitol. Some have pointed to the lawsuit as a reason to support Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Republican presidential nominee.

Some Trump supporters have noticed. Objections Others mentioned it as a way to send a signal to the country Disputed claims about January 6Stating that any resistance can be a trap Prepared by federal agents.

“Beware of intruders, the minute they want to cause trouble they call and everyone goes home,” one poster wrote on Gab in response to a post announcing the Green protest in Manhattan.

Still other commenters rejected it A very real legal risk He says he is setting up an attorney general to confront Trump head-on and destroy his enemies.

The last one was especially popular QAnon message boardsChristian imagery is regularly mixed with fantasies of one-world kingdoms, child sacrifice, and blood rituals.

“The whole movie!!” One Trump supporter wrote on Telegram: “Trump is a writer, producer and director!!! Get your popcorn!”

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