Trump loyalists like Marjorie Taylor Green and George Santos quickly flee the chaotic protests.

Those who see Donald Trump as a criminal and those who see him as America’s savior clashed outside the former president’s New York City courthouse on Tuesday. He was charged with the crime of paying illegally Out of a seasoned movie star to hide their alleged affair.

In New York City, police officers separated protesters with thick blue lines and metal barriers in the hours before Trump tried to shout insults at each other. He arrived in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Earlier Tuesday, Trump supporters seem to outnumber anti-Trump opponents 2-to-1. But as the day went on, the anti-Trump protesters started to show up and soon the Trump loyalists started to crowd out.

Image: Former US President Donald J.  Trump impeachment (Will Oliver/EPA)

Image: Former US President Donald J. Trump impeachment (Will Oliver/EPA)

When Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., arrived at the courthouse to show her support for the former president, she was met by anti-Trump protesters and forced to rush back to the safety of an SUV.

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As Green tried to speak with a bullhorn, they were drowned out by whistles from protesters.

Surprisingly, the whistleblower was a Trump supporter, an NBC News reporter found.

“Now this is not the place to talk.” said the manTheir names are not yet available. “Make America Great Again.”

Later, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.A., shared a tweet about Green being yelled at by an NBC News reporter.

“Welcome to NYC!” she wrote. “When there are still social consequences for shameless bigotry.”

Compact Rep. George Santos, RN.Y, also briefed a small Trump protest outside the courthouse. But he didn’t last long.

He called the drama that unfolded after 30 minutes a “media chaos”.

Ricardo Varona, a 62-year-old Trump supporter from the Bronx, stuck around for a long time.

“Trump is not guilty,” he added to the sometimes circus-like atmosphere by twirling two basketballs on his finger and a small American flag. He said he tapped into the anti-Trump crowd and had some spirited arguments.

“What am I doing here? ‘Listen, he is great,’ I said, Varona, ‘I can go anywhere. Trump goes anywhere. I am with him to the end.”

In another political contrast, Peter Lloyd, 37, of Garfield, New Jersey, said: “I’m very much against Trump.”

“It hurts the country,” Lloyd said.

Asked what his message was to Trump supporters, Lloyd said, “They’re supporting a politician who doesn’t care about them. “They are moving towards their own downfall from ignorance and resentment,” he said.

Some venom from Trump was directed at journalists covering the historic trial. One person held up a poster with a diatribe including the “liberal biased news media.” Tapered nose.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has warned Trump supporters that police will not hesitate to arrest anyone who violates the law in protesting the former president’s impeachment.

Police were seen entering the crowd to disperse the protesters amid heated arguments, but no arrests were made at this time.

When Trump finally arrived at the courthouse, he was greeted by protesters chanting, “No one is above the law, Trump is not above the law.”

Stepping out of the SUV, a somber-looking Trump looked out into the crowd as he adjusted his jacket. Then he entered the court.

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