Trump: Democrats Use 'Old Soviet Process' To Crush Opponents Like Me

While running for the White House, former President Donald Trump has been vocal in investigating and presenting legal cases against Democratic prosecutors. “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” He said in an exclusive interview Tuesday that he would not drop out of the presidential race if found guilty.

Trump has accused the left of relying on tactics from the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) to stop him. Host Tucker Carlson observed that Democrats love it. New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg He appears to be trying to prevent Trump from entering the general election by impeachment and criminal charges.

“The old Soviet process,” Trump replied, referring to the mantra given to Soviet Interior Minister Lavrentiy Beria: “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime.”

“It’s too late, the statute of limitations is years away,” he said, echoing criticism from legal scholars who have analyzed Bragg’s allegations. Trump has vowed to “never let go” if found guilty.

What will happen to Vitz’s response to the Afghanistan exit report?

“It’s not my business, I don’t do it,” he told Carlson.

Soviet Prime Minister Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) shown in 1949

Soviet Prime Minister Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) shown in 1949 (Keystone/Getty Images)

Trump added that many Democrats called him “horrible” and “guilty,” but he was surprised that he was innocent.

“I think Andrew McCabe, FBI [assistant director] I fired him. went out. ‘They have no business,’ he said.

He added that there were other less partisan jurists who echoed his sanity or sanity. Bragg’s proof There is no issue. The former president referred to former New York federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley and Harvard law professor-emeritus Alan Dershowitz as “people below the middle.”

“Think about it, Tucker, I’ve been through seven years of investigations,” he said, adding that Democrats are less likely to be in controversy after years of success in obtaining tax returns.

Trump tells Tucker he has doubts about BIDEN seeking re-election: ‘Wrong thing’

The former president, however, added that he disagreed with the court’s decision to finally hand over the records to Richey Nel D-Mass.

Trump’s investigation so far has revealed millions of pages of documents and the detractors have found nothing to pin him on, leaving them feeling the need to charge him like Bragg did.

“Think about this: So you’ve got all these millions and millions of pages, and they’ve got you on a non-disclosure agreement,” Trump said, apparently referring to a sex-actress pay deal with manager-foil Michael Cohen. Hurricane Daniel.

The White House burned to the hilt of the Pentagon as Democrats denounced Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

“I mean big numbers, billions and billions of dollars, and they’re going to get you in a completely unknown deal where you get nothing,” he said.

“A friend of mine who has a big business said, “You have to be very honest in the world, because with all these numbers, these big numbers, they don’t have anything.”

Trump in 2016 President Biden has spoken widely about his claim that he will win a rematch in 2024.

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Criticisms of the president’s age are not entirely accurate, he said, questioning Biden’s competence and ability to govern.

Trump said Sen. Bernie Sanders’ eye-wits are older than Biden’s but sharper, and his friend and Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus, 93 and still “smart as hell.”

Trump said he met with Marcus several months ago and described him as “100%” compared to Biden.

In a softball interview with NBC meteorologist Al Roker on Monday, he said Biden’s so-called weaknesses are becoming apparent.

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