Tom Hanks sent a special FedEx package to a company in Massachusetts.  Look at the surprise

Imagine receiving a sweet and thoughtful gift from one of the most famous faces in the world. Whatever the gift, it’s a dream for most people, but for one company in Massachusetts – it’s a reality.

A Cambridge typewriter company receives an unexpected FedEx package from Mr. Nice Guy himself: superstar Tom Hanks.

the owner, He is known as Tom Fourier on WCVB 5The “Saving Private Ryan” actor said in a Facebook post that he sent him an antique typewriter with text written on it.

We got a wonderful surprise in the mail today! FedEx dropped off a large box of typewriters,” said the April 4 post. “I can’t figure out who sent it to me from Santa Monica, California. I opened the box with excitement to find the Olympia SM-4 from Tom Hanks himself!”

Only the Academy Award-winning actor didn’t send it to repair – it was a gift.

“I’m offering you this typewriter … to do with as you please,” Hanks said. “Serve it, keep it as is, repair it and keep it or sell it. Display or use.

He went on to say that the company is doing him a favor by adopting the larger Olympia SM-4 typewriter, giving him “more space and less clutter.”

“I am very pleased that Tom has included us in his plan to simplify his typewriter inventory,” the article continued. “I would love to restore this beauty to its former glory and figure out what to do with it. What a wonderful surprise. “

Also on the package was a golf bag towel with the logo of Hanks’ manufacturing company, Playton.

Hanks, who starred in films such as “Philadelphia” and “Forrest Gump”. Sport powerful typewriter setAt one point it reached over 120, according to the BBC.

“I hope this typewriter works. It’s yours now,” Hanks said at the close of the memo. “Take good care of it and help it continue its work for another hundred years.”

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