Jim Ratcliffe has launched a big plan to revive Manchester United, growing confidence in the success of the bid

Finnish entrepreneur Thomas Zilliakus has confirmed he will no longer go ahead with his bid to take over Manchester United.

This comes after the Glazers set the stage for a further round of bidding in a bid to raise their bid for the club.

Bidders have until the end of this month to submit revised and final proposals, which is expected to be the final round before a preferred bidder is selected, People’s Person reported.

The decision to go ahead with an extra round of bidding has not gone down well with United fans who feel the recent exit could jeopardize United’s transfer plans.

The winter transfer window will obviously be a critical one with a number of key areas needing to be addressed immediately ahead of the new season.

However, the lack of clarity regarding the ownership status has kept Ten Hag’s plans up in smoke.

If Ziliacus’s public statement is anything to go by, the club’s suitors are also none too happy about a repeat bid.

Ziliacus said on Twitter: “I have turned down a third bid for United. The bid is turning into a farce without the Glazers giving the club any respect.

“The delay will make it very difficult for any new owner to build a winning team for next season.”

“Jim Ratcliffe, Sheikh Jassim and I are all ready to negotiate a deal to buy United. Instead, the Glazers chose to start a new round.

I will not participate in a fad designed to maximize the profits of the sellers at the expense of Manchester United.

Sheikh Jassim and Ratcliffe both advanced to the next round and are expected to take part in the next phase of the process. Complete absorption is still the most likely outcome.

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