This $50 docking station gives you 13 more ports, including HDMI

TL;DR From April 13, find out 13-in-1 docking station(Opens in a new tab) For $49.99 – $20 off the regular price of $70.

Very slim computers can be handy if you have to carry one around, however Lost ports(Opens in a new tab) It can be annoying if you want to connect another monitor or use a wired mouse. The 13-in-1 Docking Station takes one USB-C port and gives you 13 other ways to connect, transfer data or charge, and sells for $49.99 (eg $70).

Save on a docking station that supports dual 4K displays

If you are on a New MacBook Or you want to transfer files from a flash drive to your phone, this docking station gives you more options in less space. Plug in a USB-C cable and get 13 ports in return. That includes three USB 3.0, two HDMI and one USB 2.0, USB-C PD Charging, USB-C Data, SD Card, TF Card, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, and there’s also room to plug in a pair of 3.5. mm headphones.

Turn your computer into a command station with one. docking station(Opens in a new tab). Connect your computer to up to three displays simultaneously with HDMI and VGA ports. Or, avoid the frustration of hotspot WiFi and connect via a Gigabit Ethernet port. And while you’re doing all that, you can charge your phone by connecting to the USB-C PD charging port. And that doesn’t even affect most other connections or your computer’s built-in ports.

If you use the same laptop for work and play, leave all your work hardware on the dock and place it on your desk. Plug in and get started when it’s time to be productive.

Add 13 ports to your computer, tablet or smartphone

Skip all adapters.

For a limited time, get it. 13-in-1 docking station dual HDMI(Opens in a new tab) It sells for just $49.99 (eg $70).

Prices are subject to change.

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