They say the DA's plan to not pursue jail time for the suspects in the fatal shooting of an Oakland toddler.


Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, the son of Oakland shooting victim Jasper Wu, expressed concern that he plans to not serve prison time for the suspects.

Wu in 2010 On November 6, 2021, he and his family were driving to Fremont, California, when a stray bullet pierced their car on Interstate 880.A 23-month-old boy in the forehead.

The shooting was the result of a rival gang shootout between two vehicles. They were 22-year-old Trevor Green, 24-year-old Ivory Bivins and 34-year-old Johnny Jackson. Scheduled for December 2022. And he was charged with murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle and possession of a firearm by a felon.

They are expected to appear in their first trial for the alleged murder at the end of this month.

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When a member of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (API) community asked Price for an update on the issue, Price responded via email:

Our office is currently working with the Asia Law Caucus to support AAPI abuse victims in a way that opens up broader options for healing and non-physical forms of liability.

Price said her office is working to pursue “non-carceral” — meaning no jail time, even for felons — types of sentences.

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Received email at ABC7 NewsHe also drew criticism from the Wu family and Norbert Chu, who previously served as Alameda County prosecutor for 35 years.

A spokesperson for the Wu family told ABC 7 News, “There are almost no consequences for the harsh punishment.” “How is this going to restore the public’s faith in the justice system?” How safe do the people feel?”

“If I were Jasper’s parents, I would be very angry. And I was so scared,” Chu said. Price’s “insulting” statement seemed to tell the AAPI community that “we’re somehow less vulnerable than other people.”

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When ABC 7’s Dan Noyes checked with the Asian Law Caucus about the price plan, he said he had no knowledge of the email and noted that the first meeting with her office was just an introduction.

“I’m very confused about this,” said the nonprofit’s executive director.

While no decision has been made on whether to end the reforms in connection with Wu’s death, Price is said to have asked the teenager’s parents to come to a meeting next week.

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