There is an animal hiding in this video - and it serves as a reminder.  can you see

A An intelligent animal that burrows into thick bushes Outside the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife office to shelter from harsh winter conditions.

Officials shared a perfectly captured video of the duck to Twitter on Tuesday, April 4. The duck is invisible until the camera zooms in on her hiding spot.

“There’s a mallard nest in front of us,” said the videographer.

“It may not seem like it, but it’s spring, and that means lots of chicks, goslings and ducks, and more will be running soon,” officials said in the post. “Please leave the wild animals alone so you can do the work of making more wild animals.”

One wrote in the comments on the post that they are starting to see signs of spring, including seeing and hearing more birds and seeing more flowers.

“The daffodils are popping up. And I even saw a few trilliums,” he commented. “Spring is trying hard to start, but winter is stubborn.”

Officials with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife agreed.

“Usually we have ducks on the water this time of year, but it seems the adults are feeling the winter and have stopped to give their young a better chance of survival,” they replied.

So you’re not alone. Wildlife are tired of this harsh winter and are ready for spring.

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