The YSL judge was arrested after recording the selection process of the case judges

A woman who was to serve as a judge in the high-profile YSL case was sentenced to 3 days in jail for filming a part of the election process.

Judge Glanville gave the prospective juror a stern lesson before handing down her sentence.

The decision was reached on Monday and a copy of the case was uploaded on social media Kathy RussonAn executive producer b Legal and criminal network.

The clip opens with Judge Ural Glanville ordering that the woman be fined up to “$1,000 and/or 20 days in jail” for her court appearance.

Then Glanville begins to teach the woman, the court makes the rules and expectations clear.

“Ma’am, I think the amount of time and energy and effort and care we put into giving that particular accent—I often say it for many reasons, and you just decide to do what you want to do. “

The would-be judge then begins to try and explain the situation, though Glanville promptly shuts her down before passing judgment.

“You took out your phone and videotaped our proceedings, which is in violation of the court order. So I’m going to sentence you to three days in prison.”

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The judge overturned the decision after the woman expressed her surprise that she had been convicted rather than fined.

“In this particular situation, I have told many people and have repeatedly explained about this particular announcement, and videotaping our process is a blatant violation of these detailed procedures.”

In his final plea, the would-be judge said, “There was so much going on … I didn’t hear everything.” He explains.

But, Glanville is quick to respond, “That doesn’t excuse your behavior…it excuses behavior.”

Check out the video of the interaction below.

So far, there have been a few hiccups associated with the judiciary.

We should add that while this particular case is indeed a “horrendous violation”, it is not the first instance of a jurisdictional issue arising in the matter.

This came up when Russon was discussing the decision in the argument, and she pointed out that the judge basically wanted to show that he meant business!

He also “held two other judges in contempt for various things. For these violations, one was ordered to write a 10-page essay and the other had to complete community service and “attend the first 5 days of probation.”

What do you think about the judge sentencing him to 3 days in jail in the YSL case?

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