The wild creature - thought to have been extinct in Wales for 400 years - was found destroying a garden

A couple in Wales noticed some damage to their garden. As the damage continued, they got a camera to find out what happened. Surprisingly, news reports have reported that they found a wild animal that was said to have been extinct in the area for 400 years.

The couple Living in Pembrokeshire They noticed that some of their trees were missing and others looked like they had been “chopped,” he told The Telegraph on April 11.

“It looks like someone is hitting them with a machete,” the landowners told a UK newspaper. “There are no deer in Pembrokeshire so we cannot work out what is causing the damage. The only clue was the teeth marks left in the shell.

About two weeks later, the couple set up a night camera.

“What’s interesting is the camera. Beaver showed up. Swimming around our pond and eating our trees. We couldn’t believe it,” he told The Guardian.

The video footage shows the wild animal swimming in a pond, walking around the property and grabbing sticks.

A wild beaver is swimming in a pond.

A wild beaver is swimming in a pond.

There were wild beavers A common vision Throughout Wales, however, the animal was hunted for its fur and meat, according to Wildlife Trustees Wales. The big mouse became extinct in Wales after the Middle Ages and in the rest of Britain in the 16th century, wildlife officials said.

In recent years, beavers have been reintroduced in some areas in Great BritainThe organization said. One of these Controlled beaver colonies It is in Corse Dyfe, Wales.

The colony, however, is monitored “over 50 miles away” from Pembrokeshire and “no escape,” according to The Telegraph.

No one knows where the wild beaver that is barking at the couple’s trees came from, the Telegraph reported. The most likely explanation is that a wildlife enthusiast released the animal, the outlet said.

A wild beaver carried a staff.

A wild beaver carried a staff.

As a result, the couple have remained anonymous to protect Beaver, The Guardian reported.

The couple nicknamed the wild beaver “Anthony,” they told the Guardian. “We like to see the beaver doing its thing at night with the hidden cameras and we hope that there will be more habitat and food for a long time,” he said.

Pembrokeshire is about 240 miles northwest of London.

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