The video shows the moment women are thrown out of a theater for a catchy song to 'The Bodyguard's' iconic number.

Melody Thornton of "The Bodyguard"  Works on stage

Melody Thornton of “The Bodyguard” performs on stageKate Green/Getty Images for the National Lottery

  • A concert in England was shut down after many in the audience refused to stop singing loudly.

  • “The Bodyguard” was stopped 10 minutes before the end when two men were removed from the scene.

  • The incident sparked a debate about audience behavior at music shows.

The musical “The Bodyguard” has been canceled.

“The Bodyguard,” a musical featuring hits by Whitney Houston, had to stop 10 minutes before the show ended when two women were ejected from the Palace Theatre, one of the main theaters in Manchester, northwest England. Sky News reported.

According to Sky News, six police officers attended the scene.

Videos on social media Show the audience members singing furiously to the hit song “I’ll Always Love You.”

‘The Bodyguard’ star Melody Thornton apologizes to fans Instagram post And they said that the disturbing element is not “respect”.

Thornton had to stop singing the big final number twice because of the screaming and singing from the packed audience. reports said.

Later footage shows people chanting “Get out, get out, get out” and then rowdy audience members clapping loudly as they leave the theater.

Someone wrote On TwitterI went to the Manchester Palace Theater to see “The Bodyguard” and during the last song a bunch of entitled pricks started singing lead. A riot broke out, the show was canceled, and the police were called.

The incident has sparked controversy about audience behavior at music shows, with many people taking to social media to say that singing at professional shows is disrespectful.

A survey by the UK Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theater Union last week found that 90% of its members had experienced anti-social behaviour, often from drunken theatre-goers.

Mass brawls, violent assaults and people urinating in fire exits are examples of unacceptable behavior front-of-house theater workers have encountered.

70% believe that the situation has worsened after the COVID-19 pandemic The guard.

Actress and TikToker Catherine Cornwall made a video expressing her frustrations with rowdy audience members.

Cornwall he said.: “Do you know how hard it is to try and stay in tune and stay in time when you’re in a harness and you’ve got 50 drunks singing the words wrong and out of tune?”

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