The video shows the moment an exploding Ukrainian drone destroys one of the Russian Tor-M2 missiles designed to target drones.

A Russian Tor-M2 missile system was shot down by a Ukrainian drone.

A Russian Tor-M2 missile system was shot down by a Ukrainian drone.General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

  • A video shared by the Ukrainian military appears to show drones striking a Russian Tor-M2 missile system.

  • Russia has previously described missiles as its most valuable weapon.

  • The Tor-M2 is a surface-to-air missile system designed to destroy aircraft, guided missiles and drones.

A video shows Ukrainian drones destroying an expensive Russian Tor-M2 missile system.

The video, shared on Facebook by the Ukrainian military on Tuesday, shows the drone zeroing in on its target and detonating.

The military said that an explosive drone was used in the attack, leaving smoke on the damaged vehicle. It is not clear where the video was filmed.

Russia’s Tor-M2 is an all-weather short-range air-to-air missile system designed to destroy aircraft, guided missiles, drones and other aerial targets.

It has a range of about 7.5 miles and can simultaneously engage up to 48 fixed targets and 10 tracked targets.

Russia was earlier He announced the missile system It is one of the most expensive weapons and was described as “exciting” by Alexander Mikhailov, head of the Military-Political Analysis Bureau of the Russian state news agency. TASS He reported.

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine It was mentioned in February The difference in the weapon system “became a star of Russian television when it was sent to Ukraine.”

Russia has deployed several systems against the invasion of Ukraine. There were reports that the weapons were there. destroyed Or Abandoned.

In a social media post on Tuesday, the Ukrainian military said it was the fourth Tor missile system destroyed in March. An insider could not independently verify that claim.

At least 104 Russian air-to-air missile systems have been lost in Ukraine since the start of the war, according to Oryx, an open-source data analysis platform.

Correction: April 6, 2023 – An earlier version incorrectly showed an image of the so-called Russian Tor-M2 missile system. Removed and replaced.

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