The video shows a Russian YouTuber being hit in the face by a Western anti-tank weapon after mishandling it.

US Army soldiers shot AT4

In the year A US Army soldier fires an AT4 anti-tank weapon during an exercise at the Vaziani Training Area in Georgia in 2019. This image is not related to the story.US Army/Spc. Ethan Valetsky

  • Russian vlogger Alexey Smirnov posted a video of him reviewing and testing various weapons.

  • Smirnov was mocked online after posting a clip of him mistaking a Swedish anti-tank weapon.

  • In the videoSmirnov hits the face after not being able to catch the starter properly.

A Russian military YouTuber shows himself getting hit in the face after mishandling a Western anti-tank weapon.

Former journalist Alexey Smirnov reviews, tests and compares various devices on his YouTube channel Large Caliber Commotion.

In an episode posted three months ago, Smirnov compared Soviet and Western anti-tank weapons, including the Swedish AT4. It is unclear where the Swedish weapon came from.

At one point in the video, Smirnov tries to fire the shoulder-fired weapon at a tank, saying: “Here we have an ordinary AT4… Let’s see how it compares to a T72 tank.”

The vlogger explains that the launcher works with a crunch, saying at one point that it doesn’t feel “very smooth”.

When preparing to shoot, Smirnov apparently did not hold the front grip of the AT4, which helps to stabilize the weapon when aiming.

The video then shows him pressing the trigger and causing the weapon to return to his face. Then he fell back: “Ah, fuck … you naughty thing!”

The video cuts to Smirnov in the back, grabbing his eye as a cameraman offers to help him. Then a text appears on the screen: “Thank you for understanding”.

The next shot shows Smirnov standing in front of the tank, with a visible wound on his eye.

“Right, let’s see before my eyes get completely swollen shut,” he says. This is why I say NATO supplies the shitty bullets.

“As a sniper, are you expected to have panda eyes every time you’re on a mission?” “I feel a little nauseous, to be honest,” he says later.

The clip resurfaced on social media this week He immediately offered ridiculeSome Twitter users commented that the vlogger should “read the fake manual.”

Defense journalist Ilya Ponomarkeno of the Kyiv Independent posted the clip, along with a video of US soldiers actually firing the launcher — holding the front handle.

“Russians,” Ponomarkenko wrote a statement alongside.

Smirnov goes by the name Krupnokalibernyy Perepolokh on YouTube. He started his military vlogs in 2020 and has nearly 1.5 million followers at the time of writing.

In addition to anti-tank weapons, Smirnov evaluates grenades, flares, and armored personnel carriers and tanks.

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