The Twitter Circles bug revealed some of the private tweets

Twitter Circles are leaking, with users reporting that posts intended for a specific audience are instead being pushed to millions of strangers. You should always think twice before tweeting, but now it’s a good idea to be extra careful.

Introduced in 2022, Twitter Circles (when enabled) is a feature that allows you to restrict certain tweets to a carefully selected list of pre-approved followers. It’s a useful tool for people who want to talk about their partner, rant about K-pop idols, or share some delicious nudity, but don’t want their rants and/or chatter to be seen by the general public.

Unfortunately, an apparent bug caused tweets from Twitter Circles to appear in your feeds to users who weren’t granted access. In some cases, these users weren’t even following the original poster. It’s an unexpected and serious breach of privacy for anyone who trusts Twitter’s authentication. Only approved Twitter circle members can see those posts.(Opens in a new tab).

Mashable reached out to Twitter for comment and accepted the condition. poop emoji auto-reply. CEO of Twitter Elon Musk He is a 51-year-old man.

Although they can be viewed and liked, Twitter Circle posts cannot be retweeted or responded to by anyone outside of said circle. It’s a small consolation, but at least it’s not easy to spread more Twitter circle tweets to strangers.

Some Twitter users have reported that if you post to Twitter circles, people outside of your circle may get pushed. He can only see the first tweet.(Opens in a new tab). So, it’s a good idea to tweet your semi-private Twitter circles posts in threads until the bug is fixed – if you want to continue to trust the feature.

The best idea to protect yourself is to not tweet sensitive information. Yes, it’s not much fun and leaves us with little room to escape some of the pervasive pressures of modern existence. But even when there are no bugs, it only takes one Tweet Circles cheater to take a screenshot.

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