The school district is going to hear from the public because of the loss of the job of the headmaster candidate for greeting 2 women as 'women'.

School District in Massachusetts A superintendent candidate will hold his first public meeting Monday since he allegedly lost his job after calling his female colleagues “women.”

Dr. Vito Perrone previously told the Daily Hampshire Gazette that in 2015, On March 23, he was offered the position of head of Easthampton schools, but later announced that the job was canceled due to an emailed vote to negotiate a salary with the school committee. Chairwoman Cynthia Kwisinski and Executive Assistant Susan Colby, both female.

Kwisinski greets “women” as a “Micro Attack” According to the newspaper. Kwisinski later told the newspaper that most of her fellow committee members believed it was “extremely unprofessional” and “inappropriate” for Peron to speak to the chairman “who knows what he didn’t get.”

A school superintendent candidate says his job offer has been revoked after he called two women ‘feminists’ in an email.

School supervisor with students

Vito Perrone

“It’s true that the candidate contacted me and the committee’s executive assistant in a letter that was part of salary negotiations and I was insulted by the acquaintance,” Kwisinski said in an email to the newspaper. “Most of the time when I’m speaking informally, if I’m addressing a public official – especially in written communication, and more importantly when I’m engaged in salary negotiations – I always use formal topics. hello ladies Many are concerned that the candidate could make administrators and teachers feel uncomfortable if they are used in the future instead of calling them by name or title.

Easthampton Public Schools will host a Board of Education hearing Monday at 6 p.m., the online agenda says.

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“Public speaking” starts up to 90 minutes, with up to three minutes allocated to one speaker. The agenda is what the meeting will move to. “Superintendent candidate It can discuss and/or vote whether or not to continue negotiations with the candidate.

Another agenda item reads, “Superintendent Search Discussion and/or Voting on Candidate to Be Next Superintendent.” The meeting will remain in open session “when the chairperson will contact the candidate to discuss the position to be negotiated and/or the candidate’s response to the job offer in the event of negotiation.”

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The Easthampton School Committee has revoked the employment of Dr. Vito Peron.

Massachusetts school students under federal investigation after playing

The Boston Herald reports that the school board was scheduled to hold a meeting last week, but it was canceled after hundreds of people tried to zoom in.

A Peron rally was also held. State Sen. John Velis, a Democrat, also defended Peron.

“This seems like an excessive and disproportionate response to something that, if nothing else, could be used for teaching,” Velis said. “That’s enough now.”

Colby, on the other hand, wrote a message on Facebook that said, “Clear my name and reputation.”

“I am not an Easthampton elected official. I am not a school committee voter. I have been a proud and dedicated employee of Easthampton Public Schools for the past 27 years. My name and title were used in the email for procedural purposes,” the aide wrote.

“I want to be clear, I’m a lady. I appreciate being called that, and I appreciate being treated that way. To me, the word represents respect,” Colby said. “I am not offended by him or his words, but I respect those who may be offended by him or his words. Those of you who know me, you know how important it is to me to respect all individuals. Now I respectfully ask everyone to refrain from defaming my name, reputation, and character by what I have or have not said.”

The school district did not immediately return an email from Fox News Digital seeking comment.

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