The policeman who rescues the 'dog' struggling in the river discovers that it is something else entirely

Police in New York City pulled an unexpected wild creature from the river.

After receiving a report Dog fighting inside East River violent April 10, New York City police officers responded to the area for assistance, according to a statement posted on Twitter by the NYPD’s 19th Precinct.

However, when officers got close to the animal in a boat, they discovered it was not a dog, but a coyote, police said.

A video posted by police shows officers using a trap pole to pull the wet animal out of the river.

The coyote was taken to a veterinarian, police said.

“Coyotes are common in NYC, but not one swimming in the East River,” police said.

Coyotes, the Wild dogs Closely related to wolves, they are known to inhabit several New York City neighborhoods, according to the city’s website.

In order to co-exist with animals, city residents are encouraged to store trash in secure containers and keep pets on a leash when outside, the city said.

A real dog was taken from a New York City river in December on an incredible journey.

A dog named Bear escaped from his owner in Manhattan He swam across the Hudson River to New Jersey, according to a previous report from McClatchy News. He survived three days after his escape.

The search for the dog that mauled the woman ends, and the animal defends her, says SC. Police said.

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