The Padres' Machado was ejected after calling the foul

SAN DIEGO (AP) — San Diego Padres slugger Manny Machado was ejected by umpire Ron Culpa after a strike was called on a pitch clock violation to end Tuesday’s first game against Arizona.

Machado was adjusting his batting glove and the clock seemed to be ticking as the clock ticked down to 8 seconds, at which point one batter should be under the pitcher. New rules issued this season to speed up the game. Kulpa did not give time, because the clock had already struck 8 seconds, and called him. Machado was standing at the plate arguing with the culpa when manager Bob Melvin came out. Machado says something to Culpa and gets fired.

The outclassed Machado was eventually escorted to the dugout by another umpire.

It was the 10th sack of Machado’s career.

Machado He committed his first pitch clock violation during spring training And after being hit twice that day, he shook it off.


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