The mother of the 6-year-old child who shot the teacher was charged with negligence

6 year old in Virginia three months later He shot the teacherThe child’s mother faces official legal action.

The mother, Deja Taylor, was hit with two counts.

As a News release From Commonwealth’s Attorney Howard Gwynn, the boy’s mother—Deja Taylor—was charged with two counts: aggravated child neglect and “recklessly leaving a loaded weapon to endanger a child.”

Although Gwin said the facts of the case “support these allegations,” he said authorities are still investigating the case.

In addition, the attorney indicated that a jury will examine whether “additional charges against additional people” can be pursued.

“The safety and security of Newport News students is paramount. A special grand jury will investigate additional charges against additional people to determine whether they are justified by the facts and the law. A special grand jury can return additional charges if it determines that additional people are criminally responsible under the statute.

However, as Shadow room It is important to reiterate that previously reported, 6-year-olds do. is not to face any charges. The family also has a son.Major injuryAccording to the authorities, the shooting was “intentional”.

The teacher filed a $40 million lawsuit against school administrators.

This significant development comes three months after the shooting of a 6-year-old boy. Abigail Zwerner, 25, at Richk Elementary School in Newport News. The teacher was hit while trying to take the 9mm pistol from the boy and was hospitalized for two weeks.

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In the incident CNN Zwerner reported that he had filed a lawsuit against school administrators.

Despite knowing the boy’s “history of random abuse,” administrators failed to adequately protect her, she said. Zwerner also said administrators “ignored at least three separate warnings from faculty and staff that students had seen the device.”

She is seeking $40 million in damages, and a new lawsuit was filed earlier this month.

There are no further updates on the situation at this time.

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