The massive windshield wiper of the Tesla Cybertruck is presented in a video

Tesla Cybertruck, the company’s absurdly angular SUV, will probably be launched at some point. Unsurprisingly, some of the hottest questions surrounding the iconic vehicle are about the windshield wipers — and we may have some answers in a new video.

The problem of cleaning a Cybertruck windshield is absolutely gigantic. No, actually, it’s positively garish. The windshield is so large that one imagines that the car’s single wiper appears on a prototype vehicle. Maybe it will wipe them all(Opens in a new tab)Perhaps to the extent that the car violates Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations.

Now, photographer and videographer Brad Sloan(Opens in a new tab) Released 4K video (in electro(Opens in a new tab)) was taken by a drone over Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas, where it once demonstrated the Cybertruck windshield wipers in action.

In the video, starting at the 13:25 mark, we get an incredibly good look at the Cybertruck and its massive windshield (switch to 4K resolution for details). The wiper is turned on a few times, and we can clearly see that it extends above the windshield and into the dark area above, which means it clears a fairly large area. The windshield, even on the passenger side.

Specifically, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the windshield wiper shown on the Cybertruck prototype in December 2021 “is not the production wiper.”

He also said the broom(Opens in a new tab) For him, he said there was no “easy solution” and that was “the most difficult thing for him.” He cited the “front-mounted wiper” as a “convenient, but complex” solution.

It’s hard to say the wipers have improved significantly between now and then, but from what we can see in this new video, the wipers work fast and beautifully, although I’m still shocked to think that thing moves so fast during heavy rain. .

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