The Louisville shooter's family is giving more insight into their final days

Daily Beast/Louisville Metro PD

Daily Beast/Louisville Metro PD

The gunman who fired a semi-automatic rifle at A Louisville bank office on Monday He had “challenges” with his mental health but seemed perfectly normal a day before the senseless killing that killed five colleagues and wounded nine others, a family spokesman said.

Connor Sturgeon23, has battled depression and anxiety but the mass shooting of a syndicated associate and portfolio banker “was nowhere on the grid,” Pete Palmer, an attorney and close friend of Sturgeon’s father, Todd, told The Daily Beast on Wednesday.

Before going to work at Old National Bank, He legally purchased an AR-15 a week ago., Sturgeon sent a message to his parents telling them he loved them, Palmer said. Around the same time, Sturgeon’s roommate, sales representative Dallas Whelan, called Sturgeon’s mother and said her son had left a disturbing note. Sturgeon’s mother called 911, desperate to stop what she realized was about to happen. (Whelan did not respond to interview requests from The Daily Beast.)

“He’s not going to hurt anybody, he’s a really good kid…we don’t even have a gun.” Lisa Sturgeon told the 911 operator. “I don’t know where to get a gun.”

Two police officers are seen on body camera video walking over Connor Sturgeon on the grounds of the Old National Bank.

Two police officers are seen on body camera video walking over Connor Sturgeon on the ground at Old National Bank on Monday.

Louisville Metro Police Department/Reuters

I don’t know what the memo said on Wednesday, Palmer said, but “it was something about suicide and it mentioned something.” [happening] on the bank”

“I know, if he talked to his roommate very, very briefly, he had no idea,” Palmer said. “The day before they had a very normal day, nothing out of the ordinary. In these situations, people look back and say, ‘Did I miss a word, did I miss a message, did I miss a cry for help?’ And they did all that, and they didn’t come up with anything bad.

Palmer confirmed on Wednesday that Sturgeon did He faced many concussions playing football in high school.Requiring him to wear a protective helmet even when participating in non-contact sports such as basketball. The blow to Sturgeon’s head put him out of action for days and weeks and months, Palmer said, which some believe led to later issues.

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The shooting took place in downtown Louisville.


“There are questions from the family about whether CTE or something neurological was a contributing factor,” Palmer said. “They don’t know. It is also being examined by medical experts. And that’s all the information they have right now.”

Palmer said he was helping the family deal with the media and “also became a lawyer.”

“There’s no narrative that I want the family to be ‘legal’,” he said, “not guns, not people with agendas.”

The bloodbath started at 8.38pm on Monday as the bank branch was preparing to open for the week. Louisville Police Chief Jacqueline Gwynn-Villaroel said Sturgeon was live streaming the attack, which was quickly taken down. A city official who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity said a colleague could be seen in the photo greeting Sturgeon as he arrived.

“You need to get out of here,” Sturgeon reportedly told the woman, before pointing the weapon at her and pulling the trigger. But the gun was cocked and the safety was on, so nothing happened. After releasing the safety and loading the gun, Sturgeon shot the woman in the back. (Whether he survived or not is unclear.)

Disturbing new details have emerged of the Louisville shooter’s live-streaming massacre.

of The first person to call 911 was a bank employee. At a different old national branch, she watched as her co-workers were gunned down as they met through Microsoft Teams.

“Oh my God, oh my God, there’s an active shooter over there,” she told the operator.

“I see a man on the floor,” said the woman. “We heard several shots and everyone started saying, ‘Oh my God’.”

Three policemen were also injured in the incident. One, an officer Nicholas Wilt, was only 11 days on the job when he was shot in the head. In an emailed statement, Louisville Metro PD spokeswoman Angela Ingram said he was hospitalized and “fighting for his life.”

A former friend of Sturgeon’s from Floyd Central High School in Floyd Knob, Indiana, previously said Daily beast That Sturgeon was smart and popular during his school days, but in a 2018 article written while at the University of Alabama, Sturgeon wrote that he struggled With self-esteem and making friends.

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