The Florida girls, 12 and 14, drove 400 miles and turned themselves in after spotting a missing alarm.

Two Florida girls crossed a lot State lines Reportedly dating someone they met online last week. A 12-year-old and a 14-year-old turned themselves into police after seeing themselves on TV at a gas station.

NBC News A 12-year-old boy reported She took her father’s car and picked up her friend. The Union County Sheriff’s Department issued a missing girls alert around noon on April 6. At 3:38 p.m., the department posted an update on its Facebook page that read, ‘Exciting security.’

The police also said that there is no adult with the girls, and they do not suspect foul play. However, Chief Deputy Captain Lynn Williams believes the children were traveling to “meet someone they met online”.

The girls drove nearly 400 miles before ending up in Bayou La Battery, Alabama. A missing alert went out Thursday (April 6) after they left their hometown and went out in Reacher Lake, Florida. It’s about a six-hour drive.

Check out the map below:

This is a developing story.

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