The first QB helmet designed to help reduce concussion is approved

The first quarterback-specific helmet designed to help reduce concussions has been approved for use by the NFL and NFLPA, the AP has learned.

The Visis-designed helmet reduces the weight of helmet-to-ground impacts, which according to league data account for about half of all quarterback concussions. One suffered from Tua Tagovailoa in Miami Last season when his head hit the turf during a Thursday night game against Cincinnati.

“Now that we’ve analyzed over 1,000 concussions on the field with our engineers and the players’ association, we have a very good database of how these injuries happen.” . “This helmet performs better in lab testing for those types of impacts than any other helmet we’ve seen.”

It performed 7% better than the most popular helmet worn by quarterbacks last season, the league said in a memo to team executives Thursday.

Jason Neubauer, CEO of Visis, said the company began designing the Zero 2 Matrix QB helmet in early 2022.

“What’s unique about it is that it has a deformable outer shell, which means that when you impact anywhere on that helmet, it flexes or basically cracks in that area to absorb the impact,” Neubauer said. “What this means for us, as designers or engineers, when we want to optimize for different impacts, we can change specific areas to optimize impact reduction in any area.”

It’s unknown how many quarterbacks will convert to the new QB-specific helmet. The league and players’ association will share data from helmet research with teams so players can make informed decisions about helmet selection. The only position-specific helmet already approved is the Visis Zero 2-R Trench for offensive and defensive linemen.

The memo to teams also includes the results of the 2023 helmet lab testing study. Miller told the AP seven helmets the league recommended in 2020 have now been banned due to new testing.

“It’s a great sign,” Miller said. “With position-specific helmets for each position group or a universal helmet in general, we hope to be able to say to players: work with us, be willing to change helmets because better and better products.” They’re coming online every year.’



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