The drama Xscapin!  LaTocha Scott apologizes to sister Tamika, denies stealing $30K and 'opens up' marriage to Rocky

In an emotional Instagram Live, LaTocha Scott apologized to her sister and Xscape teammate Tamika Scott.

Specifically, LaTocha’s apology addresses allegations that she and her husband—Rocky Bivens—stole $30,000 in royalties from Tamika, which was recently revealed on the Bravo show. SWV and XsCape: Queens of R&B.

Also, in the YouTube video “By MilTamika Scott of Xscape Drops Receipts“Go somewhere and repent and ask God to forgive you and your husband,” Tamika said as she walked in and called Latocha her evidence.

Now Latocha – who In the beginning She apologizes to her sister – she says she wants to come and make things right.

Latocha says she and Tamika ‘should sit like sisters’

During an IG Live, LaTocha tearfully admitted that she is “trying hard” to make things right with Tamika. She said she stole her sister’s money.

“For me and my sister, we get together. I’m getting there. I don’t have the answer. I found out about the $30,000 allegation while watching TV with you. Did I take my sister’s money? I didn’t.”

Latocha went on to say that she needed “clarity” on the matter before “sit down as a sister” and said it was “not good” for the drama not to be seen online.

“As a sisterhood we should not sit and do this on social media. Like, on social media, not good. We have to sit down and figure out what this is ’cause we can get through anything, but we have to get along…I’ve been called a thief, and I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Although still expressing her confusion over the matter, Latocha apologized to her sister.

“I’m sorry if I didn’t hear you, Temika. If I hadn’t heard your voice. Sorry.”

LaTocha Scott says she and Rocky Bivens are in an open relationship.

While on Latocha’s latest IG Live issue, it’s worth noting that she and her husband revealed their recent past. Accused Having a child with another woman is an “open relationship.”

“I am very aware of the allegations against him…

Some people are silent about having an open relationship. They want to keep it secret, but we have that. You shall all be judged, and you shall all live, that we may be judged, or what men say. You are all married. Not everyone is always truthful. Things happen.

She repeatedly said, “I know[s] Everything” people say about her association. “We have an open relationship.

“I think I don’t know – I know Everything. Everything. I am not oblivious to things. My wife and I, what you all don’t understand is our relationship is clear.”

She also denied that Rocky did not molest her in any way. Also, Latocha said she was “not at peace right now” before talking about how hard it was to deal with the opposition to her.

“You don’t all know how it feels to have people come at you and attack you every day. And for what reason?”

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