The drafters have to trade up to develop a good first round pick

Jaxon Smith-Njigba was the Packers best first round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft for many, but it may require a trade to Green Bay to get a WR.

Obviously, there will never be consensus to mock drafts, but if you are Green Bay Packers Supporters, with a high number of scofflaws, think the franchise will be sure to post its first-round pick.Aaron Rodgers World at Ohio State wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba.

It makes sense why. The Packers are thin at wide receiver right now and targeting one of the draft’s top pass rushers would make a lot of sense if they want to put young Jordan Love in a position to succeed. And Smith-Njigba would be a great fit alongside Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs.

The problem is Jackson Smith-Njigba may not be on the Packers’ 15th overall selection board.

Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy reported Monday morning that the league isn’t as high on the wide receiver class in the 2023 NFL draft as the media is reporting. However, the exception is Smith-Njigba, who has a first-round pick from most teams.

Packers rumours: Drafting Jaxon Smith-Njigba could require Green Bay trade

It happens every year in the lead-up to the NFL draft, when the media gets a proverbial hive mind about a position group or certain players, when the draft actually begins, we realize there’s less love around the league. That product of hope. So it makes sense if the wide receiver class is short on players with the complete skill package.

But if the Packers are in the market for Smith-Njigba, and if the report is true, given how the league values ​​the Ohio State star, Green Bay can’t get him at the 15th pick. Teams like the Titans, Texas and the Patriots all have picks ahead of them and could all be landing spots for the former Buckeye, especially depending on how the board falls in front of them.

Will that trade be worth it? in case. It’s an obvious need for the Packers, and given that cap space is considered very limited around the league in this part of the draft, Green Bay should be aggressive at No. 10 against a team like the Eagles to move into the position. To make sure they get Smith-Njigba.

At the same time, though, perhaps the best strategy is to not take a wide receiver in the first round and instead follow the franchise’s historical mold of filling a big void with someone like Dalton Kincaid, Michael Myer or Darnell Washington. At the end of the first round, discussing the status of the corridor. Then, Green Bay could land a dart at wide receiver on Day 2 and later in Rousey.

Even after the Packers died on Jackson Smith-Njigba, the latest intel suggests staying at No. 15 and choosing Ohio State isn’t an option.

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