The Chinese man was on his knees begging for his ex-lover's return for 21 hours


A man in China has gone viral on social media in China after spending an entire night on his knees in the rain to get his ex-girlfriend back.

An unknown person 21 hours have passed From 1pm on March 28th to 10am the next day, kneeling with a bouquet of flowers outside his ex-girlfriend’s office building in Dazhou, Sichuan Province.

Locals gathered and asked him to get off his knees as he begged his ex-lover to take him back.

“Many of us tried to talk him into leaving,” said a man surnamed Li, according to the South China Morning Post. “It is not necessary to continue on our knees. Her girlfriend refuses to show up, but here you are still losing face.”

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Lee said the man was kneeling on the pavement in the rain the next morning, “maybe because he couldn’t handle the cold.”

Passers-by reported the matter to the police, who tried to persuade the man to leave.

“He said his girlfriend broke up with him a few days ago. He wanted to apologize to her and hoped that she would be able to meet him again, “an officer said He mentioned.

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When the police approached him, the man said, “Is it illegal to kneel here? If it is not illegal, please leave me alone,” he said.

The man’s desperate plea went viral on Weibo, with many users condemning his “extreme” and “self-serving” behavior.

“The more you do that, the more she hates you. Have high self-esteem. You can only keep her by improving yourself,” one user wrote.

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“Is the man trying to move himself? This [behavior] No. A [show of] Love, but guilt,” said another.

“A girl needs to keep herself safe and put something in her bag to protect herself when necessary. This guy is extreme, so be careful,” one person warned.

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