Manchester United spoke of the Super League before the upcoming announcement

The man widely believed to be leading the bid to buy Manchester United is under investigation by the British government.

Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani has made two bids to buy the Red Devils outright as the sales process enters its third phase. The final bid is believed to be in excess of $5 billion, making United the most expensive sports organization in the world.

But as he says BloombergThere is concern within the British government about the Sheikh’s financial record.

“In the past few weeks, the internal voices of senior government officials working on football governance have focused on past regulatory lapses at the UK unit of Qatar Islamic Bank, where Sheikh Jassim has been chairman since 2006. He declined to comment on internal matters,” Bloomberg reported. .

While there is no suggestion that the UK is about to intervene to block a bid for Sheikh Jassim, the UK government’s concerns suggest that ministers may press the Premier League to raise its own questions about Man United suitors.

This means that while the government may not be able to stop the raid, it is expected to encourage the Premier League to ban it.

With Qatari outfit QSI owning Paris Saint-Germain, there is a question of whether Sheikh Jassim is in a position to impose rules on anyone owning more than one club in the same European competition.

QSI is linked to QIA, which in turn is linked to AIB.

This last term in office will put a lot of pressure on the Qatari bid as the sheikh himself has been branded unruly by government officials.

It is unclear whether Sale has agreed with the government, the Premier League and/or UEFA before deciding whether or not the new franchise is acceptable to them.

In other words, will the Glazers be asked to green light every bidder before making the deal? Or could we see United fans celebrate the announcement of new ownership where the Premier League or UAF refuse to allow the club to compete under new ownership?

Potential bidders in the next round of bidding will have to ensure that they have the authorities’ blessing before a final decision is made.

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