The arrest of Molly Hopkins' daughter only adds to her problems

Authorities earlier this month Olivia Hopkins was arrestedA young adult girl 90 day engagement alum Molly Hopkins.

The charges? She violated her probation by not meeting certain criteria. And She reportedly tested positive for fentanyl, although we don’t know the circumstances of that.

This is just the latest in a series of negative moments in Molly’s life. She had many misfortunes with her beloved relatives.

Is this all Molly’s downfall?

In the first season of 90 Day Fiancé, Molly Hopkins finds that her then-partner won’t work with her as part of a team. (Image credit: TLC)

Molly Hopkins appeared in the (relatively) first season. 90 day engagement To work for a long time.

Her marriage did not last. Louis remarried several months later. But Molly and her friend Cynthia have become fan favorites Pillow talk. She even wanted love. 90 days: single life.

Now, we don’t know what her future is on the show. The romance of her single life is over. She and Cynthia fight. And now this sad business with Olivia.

Cherokee County Police arrested Olivia Hopkins on April 4, 2023, on a charge of violating her probation.

As recently reported, Cherokee County Police arrested Olivia Hopkins on April 4th.

She began serving probation earlier this year after pleading guilty as part of a deal with the court.

This all stems from old charges of simple battery after Olivia allegedly assaulted Molly. That in itself was a sad business.

The trial period began in February. He was obviously not a year old.

Olivia tested positive for fentanyl in early March.

But that was only a footnote in the list of ways she allegedly violated her probation.

Molly Hopkins and daughter Olivia
Fiancé of 90 days Molly Hopkins stands next to her grown daughter Olivia Winn Hopkins in this Instagram photo.

Olivia allegedly failed to enter a domestic violence intervention program within 14 days of her conviction.

Additionally, she allegedly “failed to test at the Cherokee County drug lab” twice in March.

And then there was the positive test for fentanyl (which a lab later confirmed, reports say). That didn’t do Olivia any favors.

90 Day Fiance alum Molly Hopkins searched for love on 90 Day: The Single Life. (Image credit: Discovery Plus)

Fentanyl has a dubious reputation, but that’s mostly manufactured. It is a powerful pain reliever that can be critical to people’s quality of life in some cases.

However, a mixture of urban legend and deliberate propaganda has turned fentanyl into a boogeyman. For some reason, Punisher has become Havana Syndrome for people with tattoos (but not seeing the irony).

But fentanyl is a controlled substance. While there’s more to be said for the state choosing to ruin lives than what people put into their bodies, that alone could be a violation of her probation.

Over the years, Molly Hopkins and then-bestie Cynthia Decker have been fan favorites on Pillow Talk.

We don’t know the truth behind Olivia’s arrest. And as Olivia previously stated in court, she did not receive adequate legal representation in the case.

However, as important as that is to Olivia, this only highlights Molly’s situation.

She split with Kelly Brown late last year. And Molly had an even more significant breakup — falling out with her ex, Cynthia Decker.

When Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker fall, it’s the end of an era for Pillow Talk.

Cynthia was Molly’s business partner. Even if Cynthia didn’t do much (according to some reports), that makes things even more complicated.

However, Molly says that now that some of the toxic effects are out of her life, she feels better and has even lost weight.

That still makes me wonder what’s going on with Olivia.

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