Tesla employees have shared footage from their vehicle's cameras showing their faraway customers.

Tesla - REUTERS/Stephen Lamb/File photo

Tesla – REUTERS/Stephen Lamb/File photo

Tesla employees have been able to share nude videos of their customers using cameras installed in Elon Musk’s garage. Company vehicles.

Former employees said they saw footage of a naked man approaching the car. When a car hits a child at high speed and viewing “sexual safety items” stored in private rooms.

The videos were recorded on cameras built into Tesla vehicles to assist driving, although the electric car company claims on its website that they are “designed from the ground up to protect your privacy.”

Latest videos and Breakdowns In the year Private one-on-one conversations between 2019 and 2020 spread “like wildfire” at Tesla’s offices in San Mateo, California, former employees told Reuters.

Tesla says in its online “Customer Privacy Notice” that “the camera recordings are anonymous and not associated with you or your vehicle.”

But seven former employees have told Reuters that a computer program they used at work shows where they were filmed – putting the Tesla owner’s home at risk.

“We can look into people’s garages and their personal belongings,” said another former employee.

“Let’s say Tesla customer They had something special in their garage, you know, people used to post those kinds of things.

Tesla - REUTERS/Mike Blake/File photo

Tesla – REUTERS/Mike Blake/File photo

Another employee described seeing “obscene things” including “close-up scenes” and “some sexual safety items.”

The employee’s utility gave Tesla boss Elon Musk a glimpse inside his home.

Three years ago, a group shared a video of a unique underwater vehicle parked in a garage.

The car was a white Lotus Esprit Sub. Nicknamed “Wet Nellie”.It was used in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

In the year It was bought by Mr Musk at an auction in 2013 for around $968,000 (£777,000).

Mr Musk said it was unclear whether the footage existed or was shared. Mr Musk did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

In the year A video of the crash in 2021 shows the Tesla speeding through a residential area before hitting a boy riding a bicycle, a former employee said. The boy and the bike flew through the air in different directions.

Other less creative clips, including funny street signs or pictures of dogs, were loaded into Photoshop and turned into funny images with funny captions.

‘Breach of Privacy’

“If you see something cool that gets a reaction, you just post it, and then on a break, people come up to you and say, ‘Oh, I saw what you posted. That was funny,” says the former Image editor.

“People who rose to leadership positions shared many of these jokes and gained notoriety for their humor.”

Tesla sometimes disables sharing images on public Mattermost channels.

“To be honest, it was a breach of privacy. And I always joked that I would never buy a Tesla after seeing how some of these guys handled it,” said one former employee.

In China, some government compounds and residential areas have banned Tesla over concerns about their cameras.

Mr. Musk In a virtual speech on a Chinese forum in 2021, he responded that if Tesla cars were used “for spying in China or anywhere else,” the company would “shut it down.”

The Telegraph has approached Tesla for comment.

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