Ted Cruz says school shootings can be prevented if there are armed guards like Banks.  After the deadly Louisville bank shooting, that age is fragile.

Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz.Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

  • Ted Cruz says putting armed police in schools, like they do in banks, will help stop school shootings.

  • On March 30, Cruz proposed that children should be protected by guns, just like bank deposits.

  • On April 10, a gunman opened fire on a bank in Kentucky, killing at least five people.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has proposed a solution to school shootings: putting armed police officers in schools, just like in banks.

In less than two weeks, a shooter in Kentucky He opened fire on the bank.At least five people were killed and eight injured.

“You know, when you go to the bank and deposit money, there are armed police in the bank. Why? Why on earth do we want to protect our savings, so why on earth do we expect more from stupid deposits than our children?” Cruz He said on March 30.

“We have an opportunity now to double the number of police officers on campus and keep kids safe,” Cruz added.

On March 31, he repeated his thoughts on Twitter.

Cruz Account provided On school safety, he He has been pushing For months, it was It was suspended in the Senate on March 30.

A few days ago, the senator said that banks are supporters of safety and security. A 25-year-old bank employee opened fire on his colleagues.

Cruz has previously offered broad ideas on how to stop gun violence.

later Uvalde school shootingwhere a sniper killed 21 peopleCruz floated a strange idea to prevent school shootings: having a “single point of entry” in schools.

“Only the fire exits should be open. We should have more armed police officers at that one entrance or, if necessary, military veterans trained to provide security and the safety of our children,” Cruz said in an interview. Fox NewsPosted on May 27.

So was Cruz. he shouted After his comments on gun laws at a September festival in Austin. Cruise on the occasion “It’s really the only thing that can help stop the violence,” he said – A typical, right-wing talking point It is often brought down by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Cruz is also an NRA-friendly GOP politician. Cruz after the shooting of Uvalde He refused to cancel an appearance at the organization’s leadership conference in Houston.. He justified his decision He told CBS News. The NRA “stands up for your rights, stands up for my rights and stands up for the rights of every American.”

Texas has the highest gun death rate of any state – 4,164 gun-related deaths in 2020 – statistically Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cruz’s representatives did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment outside regular business hours.

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