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Taylor Swift fans have vented their anger on social media after Nick Cannon joked that they would have a “perfect” baby with the singer.

42-year-old entertainer, he is already a Father of 12 children He made the comments during an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” when he discussed whether he’s still open to having more children, with six different women.

“Nick, if I told you Taylor Swift wants to have a baby with you.” Would that have done it?” Stern, 69, asked Cannon on Monday’s SiriusXM radio show.

“I’m absolutely in! Let’s go,” shouted the “Singer of the Mask” host. “That’s it, I’m all in!”

Taylor Swift fans vent their anger online after Nick Cannon joked he'd do it "Absolutely" Having a baby with the singer.

Taylor Swift fans have vented their anger online after Nick Cannon joked that he would have a “perfect” baby with the singer. (Getty)

“What about her?” asked co-organizer Robin Quivers.

Nick Cannon, recently father of 12 tock with a multi-million child support bill

“First of all, she’s an amazing singer and what I love about Taylor Swift is that she’s been so open and vulnerable with all of her music since she was a kid,” Cannon replied.

of “All that” dream He jokingly added that he and Swift both have experience dating in the spotlight.

“Me and Taylor’s numbers are pretty similar when it comes to being in these streets,” Cannon said with a laugh. I think she gets along well with me on the basis of “Yo, you’ve met a lot of people in public, so have I.” Maybe we really understand each other.”

Stern then revealed that the “Blank Space” hitmaker had split from boyfriend Joe Alwyn after six years of dating.

“You know I know, Howard! My Spidey-sense is shaking,” Cannon joked.

“I would love it if you had a baby with Taylor Swift,” Stern said. “I think it will be great.”

“me either!” Nick shouted with a laugh. “I think it’s amazing.”

The TV personality shares 11-year-old twins Monroe and Morocco with him. Ex-wife Mariah Carey. Cannon shares sons Golden, 6, and Rhys, 5 months, and daughter Strong, 2, with Brittany Bell.

Abby de la Rosa and Cannon are adorable parents to daughter Zion, 3 months, and twins Zion and Zillion, 1. The former “Wild N’ Out” host shares son Legendary, 7 months, with model Bree Tsi and daughter Onyx, 5 months. , with Lanisha Cole.

Cannon and Alyssa Scott share a son, Zayn, and welcomed daughter Halo, 2 months, in December.

Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn have reportedly split after six years of dating.

Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn have reportedly split after six years of dating. (Getty Images)

Swift, 33, is reportedly newly single after her and 32-year-old Alwyn. He left soon. According to “Entertainment Tonight,” which first reported the news late last week, it was “no drama” and an “amicable” split.

“The relationship was running its course. That’s why [Alwyn] He didn’t appear on any show,” a source told the newspaper.

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Some fans of the 12-time Grammy Award winner were not happy with Cannon’s comments, calling them “disrespectful”, “rude” and “cruel” on social media.

One social media user wrote: “I have a great sense of humor but not this one. It’s really hard to say that it can be a topic and say something out loud. Respect women.”

Some of Swift's fans were not happy with Cannon's comments, slamming him on social media.

Some of Swift’s fans weren’t happy with Cannon’s comments, dissing him on social media. (John Shearer/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)

Imagine if another user said The Rock could carry his son or Jason Momoa. “No, right? Even if they can carry babies. And because one doesn’t violate another person’s bodily autonomy without expecting a fight. But a woman? It’s available to all men, right? No permission?”

Taylor Swift She’s been single (in public) for a day and already s—– guys are looking at her like a womb. That’s what we’re talking about when we talk about reactionary straight cis male misogyny.

One fan wrote: “Nick Cannon’s disgusting abuse has never publicly said he wants to impregnate a famous stranger like him. Even if it’s a ‘joke’ I can’t imagine he’s okay with saying it. Like wtf .”

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Another added: “How wrong and sad it is for both Stern and Canon to suggest this, even in the so-called “joke”.

Canon representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Fox News Digital.

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