Stephen Colbert Forgets Tucker Carlson's Trump Interview

fresh from Grilling Trump’s recent arrest, THe’s on the Late ShowStephen Colbert On Wednesday, he turned his attention to Tucker Carlson’s interview with the former president, where he got into two roasts for the price of one.

To begin with, Colbert focused on the differences between Carlson’s personal writings about Trump (It seems that he secretly called it “demonic power”.(Opens in a new tab)) with the way he introduced the former president on Fox as “moderate, intelligent and wise.”

“This is an amazing reversal!” says Colbert. “A lot of charity Cthulhu is a pre-Euclidean monster that crawls out of the abyss to prey on human brains, but I think you’ll find his face tentacles are too modest and he has a chance to bring America together in a cartilagonous frenzy of insanity.

He then moved on to the interview itself, where he had some thoughts about it Trump’s extraordinary story about discussing Biden’s military strategy with a five-year-old boy(Opens in a new tab).

“Talking to a five-year-old is normal,” Colbert said. “Reminds me of that famous Dr. Seuss book: ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Why Didn’t Johnson See the Tet Offensive Coming?’

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