Steelers: Predicting the premier TV games for 2023

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the NFL’s marquee franchises. How many premiership games will you get for the 2023 season?

Few teams in the NFL have more brand recognition. Pittsburgh Steelers. Even if they are not Top Super Bowl contender Now, Pittsburgh has a loyal fan base thanks to a winning tradition dating back to the Iron Curtain dynasty of the 1970s, which has led to four Super Bowl appearances in the big game.

But things still look good for Pittsburgh behind starter Kenny Pickett’s late season. For putting them to shame in the competition in 2022. The AFC, however, has no question that the NFL will draft Pittsburgh in prime broadcast spots to capitalize on their name recognition.

How many first downs will the Steelers get?

In addition to their AFC North foes, Pittsburgh plays teams from the AFC South and NFC West, adding a few intriguing opponents to the equation. The three divisional games against Green Bay and New England with a road trip to Las Vegas present the league with more interesting options.

Pittsburgh is a safe bet to draw at least a couple of shots at NBC’s. Sunday night football Because they are one of the most popular teams in the league. Pittsburgh’s name value is also worth it because the NFL can pair up with the Steelers, who have a lot of name recognition like Jacksonville, to try and draw some rankings.

The Steelers’ AFC North rivals are a good bet to draw the ratings, especially with the physical bloodbath their game against the Ravens includes. Ultimately, expect to see more of Pittsburgh on national television spots, even if the NFL chooses to play it safe and save some of Pittsburgh’s prime-time games for later in the season if they can’t make it and have to fold.

The first games of steel; 4 (Vs. Bengals, At Ravens, Vs. Packers, Vs. Browns)

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