'Silo' trailer: A dystopian underground society hides chilling secrets

Apple TV+ is offering a healthy dose of dystopian drama in its next show. Silo.

Based on Hugh Howe’s trilogy of the same name, Silo It is a 10-part series about the last 10,000 people on Earth. They live in a subterranean community miles deep to protect them from the toxic dangers of the surface. No one knows why the silo was built or what the outside world is really like. People who ask these questions will be killed. Still, engineer Juliet (Rebecca Ferguson) is determined to find out the truth after a loved one is murdered. Her quest for answers reveals a mystery deeper than she previously imagined, one that has dire consequences for her and her entire community.

Silo The first stage is on Apple TV+(Opens in a new tab) May 5.

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