Scam by ChatGPT?  Students cook in class on AI tests.

Most college students who spoke to Fox News said they know or have heard of using ChatGipt for class assignments.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Riley said. An economics majorHe told Fox News.

“I’ve definitely heard of a couple of people using it for certain things,” said Piper, a STEM major.

Video: College students dish on using ChatPit in and out of the classroom

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Recent developments in Artificial intelligence technologiesThey have sparked plagiarism concerns across US schools, including ChatGPT and Google Bard. Teachers worry that students can use the chatbots to help them beyond research Cheating on school work.

Themis, a corporate figurehead, said she had heard. People who use AI On class assignments through social media.

“I see people on TikTok, but I don’t see my friends using it right now,” the Laredo resident told Fox News.

Carly, a journalism major, says she doesn’t know anyone who uses ChatGPIT for homework.

“I don’t,” she told Fox News.

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OpenAI's ChatGPT software can write indistinguishable texts in seconds.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT software can write indistinguishable texts in seconds. (Photo courtesy of Rank Rumpenhorst/Getty Images)

Carly admits she has never used ChatGPT herself, although she has “seen a lot of stuff about it online.”

“There are a lot of issues with plagiarism in AI,” she points out.

Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Edward McFoulland III recently drew a comparison between generative artificial intelligence technologies; Like ChatGPTand other established learning tools.

He He told Fox News. In the year In February, that generative AI offered the same advantages as a calculator, while also having the same disadvantages as Wikipedia, such as collecting resources of varying accuracy.

He said he heard students use ChatGPT to complete exams.

“I think most people who use ChatGPT use it for part of their exams for essays and things like that,” the scientists told Fox News.

The ChatGPT chat screen appears open on a laptop computer.

The ChatGPT chat screen appears open on a laptop computer. (Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

A computer scientist from China has been careful to distinguish the general use of chatgpt from plagiarism.

“It’s not what you’re assigned,” she told Fox News. “Just to complete the task for the help, but don’t copy post from ChatGPT.”

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Abhinav, a computer science and business major, says he uses ChatGPT to help him further. His study system.

“If I was behind in class, I would use it as a learning resource,” the Frisco, Texas, resident told Fox News. “So I would ask questions based on what was on the slide.”

“It made me prepare for exams and homework,” Abhinav said.

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