Save 25% on the AI ​​powered guitar trainer

TL;DR You can get it from April 3rd. Jamstik® Guitar Trainer(Opens in a new tab) On sale for just $169.99 – that’s a 25% discount.

No need to wait for the teacher to come Learn to play the guitar(Opens in a new tab). In fact, you may not even need a quiet place to practice. The Jamstik® Guitar Trainer is a guitar teaching tool that combines with free software to take your smart guitar anywhere. We’ve talked about the Jamstik before, but this latest version has some interesting improvements, and you can get it for the best price online at $169.99 (eg $229).

Learning to play the guitar is never threefold.

The Jamstik® Guitar Trainer offers user-friendly, AI-powered tuning. Guitar training(Opens in a new tab) With a practical way to apply what you learn. Connect your Jamstik to your computer, tablet or phone and see your finger position displayed on the screen in real time. The accompanying app shows you where to place your fingers for different chords, and then you practice just like you would on a regular guitar. Spring-loaded strings and tactile D-pads can feel great even if you’re using a real guitar.

If you’re struggling to beat complex corrosion, don’t despair. The Jamstik® app tracks your learning with new challenges, achievements and progress so you can see how far you’ve come and how much you still have to learn.

If you’re getting bored of repetitive intro songs, change your voice using the built-in audio editors to make Hot Cross Buns sound a whole lot more fun. if you want Practice playing music Personally, just plug a pair Headphones And pick up where you left off.

Try the AI ​​powered guitar trainer

Do you want to learn to play the guitar? Find out Jamstik® Guitar Trainer(Opens in a new tab) On sale for $169.99 (eg $229). That’s the best price online and 25% off.

Prices are subject to change.

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